Original V8 Bulletin Board
How do I search the archived messages on the Original V8 Bulletin Board?
To search the archives of the Original V8 Bulletin Board, enter the key words that you recall appeared in the original message or of the topic you are searching for in the "Search by key word" box to the right, tick the Topic button you feel is relevant and most important tick the box "Include archived messages in your search" - then click the SEARCH button at the top of the green panel. It may take a minute or so to do the search and you may need to click the SEARCH button again, but the archived messages will pop up for your review.

Good news - a New V8 Bulletin Board is now available
The New V8BB has been created and is now available with the similar appearance and user-friendly style of the Original V8BB but with some useful changes to the layout and functionality plus some useful additional features. The aim has been to limit the new features for the launch so the majority of members will be able to learn how to use the New V8BB and find their way round some of the active features as easily as possible. More features will be introduced over the coming months - for example enabling users to add photos or files as attachments to their messages posted on the V8BB. 161212
Brief guide to the New V8BB

How do I look at the final messages posted on the Original V8 Bulletin Board?
Just click SEARCH with the "All postings" button selected (but do not tick the archived messages box) whereupon the final messages from 1st October to 27th November 2012 (when the Original V8BB closed) will pop up.

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