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Pre '60 cars exempt from MOT test from November.
Well, they've finally done it, then... As of the 18th of November you'll no longer have to get a pre '60 car tested. I have one such car that qualifies for this exemption amongst my fleet. I intend to have it MOT'd anyway as I suspect will most responsible people. It doesn't matter how diligent you are at maintaining a vehicle, sometimes you can't see the wood for the trees and miss something, particularly if, like myself, the highest you can get a vehicle off the ground is the top peg on your set of axle stands.

What are other peoples thoughts? Personally, I'm just waiting for the hype merchants at the Daily Mail to print a headline along the lines of "Ban all scrap dodgers - innocent child slaughtered by rusty un-MOT'd deathtrap" etc. Normally I like to think of myself as a "glass half full" kind of bloke too!
Oh dear... Nurse!!!
Jon Moulds
21/05/2012 @  17:06
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Pre '60 cars exempt from MOT test from November.
I also read that with interest. I must say that having an MOT each year for a car that has done only a few hundred miles does seem unduly onerous.The statistics show that 'old' cars are involved in few accidents anyway and as my late father, a motor engineer used to say, 'the fault is usually the nut behind the wheel! '
Richard Withington
22/05/2012 @  04:53
Pre '60 cars exempt from MOT test from November.
The Department for Transport (DfT) has announced the results of the Historic Vehicles MOT Exemption Review it has been conducting saying it "is in favour of exemption for pre-1960 vehicles. The DfT has proposed this exemption will take effect from 18th November 2012. Owners of exempted vehicles will be able to take them for a voluntary test under the new regulations".

The initial response from the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC) in its press release is a guarded welcome to a result that matches the wishes of the majority of respondents to the Federation's MOT survey earlier this year. The FBHVC hopes to get more detailed information of these DfT proposals in order to make a full assessment particularly over passenger carrying vehicles in commercial use which they are surprised to note are also to be exempt from MOT testing.

Whilst many classic and historic car owners may feel the exemption is a welcome development there could be some unintended consequences. Not all historic vehicles are owned and driven by people who maintain them well - some may run an older car as a low cost vehicle and the MOT test exemption might well remove a thorough annual safety check and in a few cases see unsafe vehicles on public roads. Even responsible historic car owners may not uncover safety faults with their DIY maintenance without their continuing to submit their car for a voluntary annual independent MOT test.

You can see a copy of the FBHVC press release and earlier NEWS items on this topic via the MOT information gateway link. A copy of the press release was received yesterday.
V8 Webmaster
22/05/2012 @  16:45
Pre '60 cars exempt from MOT test from November.
As well as owning a RV8, I own a MGB and a 1931 Austin 7, the general feeling on Austin 7 friends website is that most owners will be taking their cars for a mock MoT wvery year.
Nigel Ricardo
22/05/2012 @  17:11
Pre '60 cars exempt from MOT test from November.
The insurance companies may look less favourably upon a non MOT'd vehicle at the time of the annual renewal and charge a higher premium or may even insist upon a MOT or equivalent.
Chris Gabriel
22/05/2012 @  18:02
Pre '60 cars exempt from MOT test from November.
Frankly I think it's beyond stupid and I'm starting to feel annoyed about it. It's all very well to say "oh we're all enthusiasts and all of our cars are immaculate" but clearly we aren't and clearly they are not. To assume otherwise is incredibly arrogant. Not all classic car owners are mechanically minded and not all are as honest as they should be. Joe average is NOT qualified to decide whether their car is safe to use on a public highway. If you own a 200 year old house you're still required to employ a registered gas safe engineer to work on your gas lines as it'd be preferable that you didn't blow yourself and half the street up.

The argument that it is a "burden" on classic car owners to have their cars tested every year is a stupid one. Frankly if you find it a "burden" having the car inspected once a year, you've got no business being anywhere near a car, classic or otherwise. The MOT was introduced to keep dangerous cars off the road. Laws are put in place to keep idiots and the unscrupulous in check - now the flood gates have been opened. The fools that concieved this balmy notion will have blood on their hands soon enough and as a result our hobby will suffer. Well done DfT. What a cracking backwards move!

... and another thing. Presumably you'll be able to import a pre-60 vehicle without it having to have an MOT. How is that not worrying? Most cars coming into the country - even the top end stuff needs some sort of work on it to get it to MOT standard. If you import something from the states (remember they don't even have MOT's) You're looking at a car that hasn't had a professional look at it and had any kind of safety assessment in potentially over 52 years!

Then there's Grandad's '59 Morris minor that's been mouldering away in a shed for 20 years. Chuck some fresh petrol in, 60 quid insurance and off we go, poop poop! Coming to a town near you @ 60mph... Never mind every single rubber component on it will be knacked.
Is it gonna stop? Well, will it? Bet your house on it? No? Me either... Nice one, DfT...
Jon Moulds
22/05/2012 @  19:02
Pre '60 cars exempt from MOT test from November.
Interestingly I was talking to a garage owning friend this morning on the topic. Being an MOT Tester himself in the past he still keeps up to date on Testing. Amongst his customers is local undertaker for whom maintains a fleet of 14 Austin Sheerlines, Austin Princess and Princess Hearses and limousines from the 40s 50s and 60s. Apparently Funeral Vehicles are a little known group (like pre 60 commercial vehicles) that always been exempt from MOT Testing. However the insurance company for the undertaker demands an MOT to validate the Insurance. This could well happen with sensible insurance companies of classic vehicles.

Paul Goodman says on the MGCC Forum that the exemption of pre 60 vehicles has much more to do with DVLA and VOSA systems than the reduction of Red Tape for motorists.

I wonder if the real reason is that the issue was decided in Brussels and the DfT are trying to put a local “flavour” to the issue.
George Wilder
22/05/2012 @  20:45
Pre '60 cars exempt from MOT test from November.
Did any contributors to this V8BB thread or to the earlier thread started on 3rd March 2012 (see the link on the MOT information gateway to the earlier thread) respond to the FBHVC survey or the DfT consultation process so their views were expressed? What were your views at that time? The timings of both the DfT consultation and the consequential tight response period over the year end for the FBHVC online survey were not convenient at all.

Chris Gabriel's insurance point is one I thought of earlier today and thought then that many unsurers might require the policyholder to have their car examined by an MOT test station each year as a condition of the policy. But even if insurers don't move rapidly and introduce that requirement, the policy will include a clause requiring the policyholder to maintain the insured vehicle in a roadworthy condition. In the event of a serious claim and an inspection of the vehicle by an assessor he (or she) might query whether the car had in fact been adequately maintained to meet the policy condition. Evidence supporting the policyholder's case could be invoices recording periodic and unscheduled maintenance but a voluntary annual MOT test would provide evidence that the car had been inspected and any items needing attention noted.

I think the FBHVC has been in a difficult position with the results of the feedback from individual classic car enthusiasts - 74% said they wished to see MOT testing requirements for historic vehicles relaxed, 59% supported the Government's preferred option of exempting all pre-1960 vehicles but oddly 71% believed historic vehicles in commercial use should be subject to testing even if other pre-1960 vehicles are exempt but 14% said commercial use should make no difference to the testing requirements. You can see the survey results at:
V8 Webmaster
22/05/2012 @  21:56
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