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A scary drive home in a storm!
At long last, we got out the RV8 and drove down to Koblenz this morning. The skies were bright and sunny and the run, with the hood down, was wonderful. On the way home I dropped into Jaguar for a coffee and chat (they did the RV8 sump gasket a way back). I then decided to get on my way, a distance of only 5 kms to reach home. On the way, the skies suddenly blackened threateningly and the heavens opened up. Huge drops of rain hit the windscreen with a full broadside. I looked desperately for shelter - A bridge? No. Trees? No. Petrol station? No. I decided to press on as quickly as possible and the rain went mainly over the top. Then came traffic lights and a slow car in front. I only had to cover another 1-2 kms and thought I would make it fairly easily albeit getting a bit wet. Then I got the fright of my life. It started to crash with thunder and there was lightening all around me. Wondering whether I would survive this, I thought about Faraday's cage theory and it then occured to me that I didn't have the benefit of a cage!! Feeling horribly exposed, I finally made it into my garage which I'd left open - providence? Had to make a cup of tea to digest all of this after first wiping my beloved RV8 dry again.
Peter Garton
23/05/2012 @  12:46
Under topic: RV8
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A scary drive home in a storm!
I guess that answers the question I posted at the bottom of your previous thread, Peter. Sorry to have "jinxed" the day for you if you believe in such things!

I can empathise with your dilema, though. Nic and I took our AH Sprite out around this time last year. Lovely clear skys on the way out - stopped off at Tesco for a pint of milk and noted the sky looked dark. "Hood up or down?" "We're only 3 miles from home, let's chance it". Almost immediately after we had set off the heavens opened and were completely soaked after having followed an extra wide slow moving lorry down the road home all the way in 2nd gear. We had to put the carpets on the line to dry and remove the water from the footwells with a sponge!
Jon Moulds
24/05/2012 @  04:48
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