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MG RV8 original keyring found on eBay for purchase price 3.20
Christmas has come early for me found a MG RV8 original keyring on eBay and won the item for 3.20 plus postage and packing. Could not believe my luck as I have been looking for a while but they go for silly money.
Karl Foot
24/05/2012 @  16:28
Under topic: RV8
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MG RV8 original keyring found on eBay for purchase price 3.20
Terrific Karl. Congratulations. To add to your joy you might like to know that I have just paid 100 pounds for one, and I thought that reasonable when compared with the usual eBay prices. Well done again.
Angus Munro
25/05/2012 @  16:03
MG RV8 original keyring found on eBay for purchase price 3.20
Nice find, Karl. I had to locate a photo to see what the originals looked like. Were these fobs issued to all cars when new or a dealer-option?
Simon Austin
26/05/2012 @  00:42
MG RV8 original keyring found on eBay for purchase price 3.20
The first owner of each Japan spec RV8 was presented with a key ring which was manufactured from leather with an outer border in brown into which a black leather octagonal is sown. Then an octagonal with the new MG logo is mounted on top. The keys are attached and removed via a "D" shackle which replaces the usual split ring. The key fobs were only issued to Japanese owners and therefore are not original equipment for UK registered cars. These key rings are quite rare as previous owners tend to hold them as a keepsake. You can see the links to the information available on the V8 website by typing "RV8 key fob" into the search box on the top RHS of the homepage.

For the RV8 20th anniversary the V8 Register has arranged a limited edition reproduction RV8 key fob which has proved very popular with RV8 members in the UK and overseas. Reservations for the batch of 100 fobs have been received and a standby list has been opened in case any of the reservations are not taken up. John Bolt is arranging the sourcing of the fobs and will soon be contacting members with reservations seeking their payment (there will be online payment arrangements via the V8 Shop with our secure online payment system provided by WorldPay) and once payment is confirmed the fobs can then be mailed out.
V8 Webmaster
26/05/2012 @  01:40
MG RV8 original keyring found on eBay for purchase price 3.20
You need to be wary of the fact that there was a later green octagonal leather key ring fob with a tiny MG badge, which was sold from 1994-5 as part of a 'cheaper' range of MG accessories. The one which owners and collectors prize is the one described by Victor and which can be seen elsewhere on this website. Original ones of those - especially ones which are 'virgin' and unmarked - have been going for silly money. Which is why the new ones from the Register seem a great idea. I did see one of these other key rings on e-bay along with a bundle of other stuff but did not bid. The green ones are nice to have, but shouldn't be confused with the 'Holy Grail'. On the other hand, if you got the latter for little more than three squids then well done!
David Knowles
26/05/2012 @  22:20
MG RV8 original keyring found on eBay for purchase price 3.20
Geoff Coley sent this message to the V8 Webmaster on 26th May 2012 at 2238.

I have an original 1st issue keyring which was supplied new with my car, Vin 310 to the 1st owner Robert Lindsay the Actor,on 24th July 1993, by The Chequered Flag MG dealership of Chiswick, London. I have as provenance of this, the self same keyring given to me with the car when I purchased it and the original vehicle supply Invoice, dated 22nd July 1993, in which the keyring is itemised, listed and charged to Robert Lindsay at 17.02 plus VAT as part of the sale detail. This supply date and Vin No. preceeds any Japanese RV8 production/supply or sales and therefore proves that UK MG Dealerships had these keyrings first, to sell or gift to owners.

To the keyring itself, Victor has described it in detail, but this requires correction in 2 respects. The inlaid field leather beneath the enamel MG badge and covering the rear of the keyring is on close inspection of my example, dark green in colour,which fits in with all the other "MG Classic Collection" items offered to RV8 prospective owners in publication No.4429, in which this keyring is very well illustrated and described on page 3. The shackle used,is of the "Bow" type,not a "D" type and confirmed as the correct technical description by a UK manufacturer of a huge range of shackles, The shackles were cast and made in an alloy material then "Antiqued" (MG Classic Collection description)with a gold painted finish, which unfortunately rubs off with use, hence the premium prices achieved by mint examples advertised.

I hope this helps to set the records straight.
Geoff Coley
27/05/2012 @  16:01
MG RV8 original keyring found on eBay for purchase price 3.20
Quite extraordinary, I was working on a new section of the V8 website, yet to be launched - an RV8 archives set of webpages - and had come across two Classic Collection brochures that I have borrowed from the personal collection of archive material held by Gavin Bailey and had spotted the keyfob or key fob was offered to the UK market through the Classic Collection brochure. No doubt some dealers had obtained some of the fobs as part of their sales effort for the RV8 model. Subsequently I have seen David's V8BB posting and saw that alternative key fob features in a later Classic Collections brochure. So I have added Geoff Coley's intended V8BB posting to the note together with David's useful comments plus scans of the relevant pages from the two brochures.

I think Geoff must have caught a busy time when members were trying to access the V8BB earlier yesterday evening but I have popped his clarification above on the V8BB which helps solve these archive puzzles and sometimes myths!
Victor Smith
27/05/2012 @  16:29
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