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As a new owner of an MGR V8, can anyone recommend a garage in the Notts/Derby area who will service/maintain my car for me? Thanks
Gordon Russell
28/05/2012 @  15:59
Under topic: RV8
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Have you thought about having a go yourself, Gordon? You only need basic hand tools for an oil service. I'm going to do mine at the weekend in two weeks time if you've never done it before and want to see how it's done? I'm based in one of the little villages just outside of Alfreton. Cheers,
Jon Moulds
29/05/2012 @  01:05
Hi Gordon,I can highly recommend Paul Mackley Engineering in Carlton, Nottingham.
Paul is a meticulous motor engineer who has just serviced my newly purchased MGRV8.His core business is the servicing of classic cars, most of which are Aston martin and Bentley.Lovely guy with a great reputation.

Richard Arnold
29/05/2012 @  04:28
Two MGV8 specialists are not far from you - Halls Garage at Bourne in Lincolnshire and Brown & Gammons at Baldock, just off the A1 in Hertfordshire. So a quick map check shows:
Halls - 43 miles (1hr 14min) from Nottingham and 60 miles (1hr 29mins) from Derby.
B&G - 96 miles (2hr 1min) from Nottingham and 106 miles (2hr 1min) from Derby.
The advantage of taking a limited production car like the RV8 to a specialist is they know the model well and are likely to hold a good range of spares needed for servicing the car - for example B&G took over the RV8 spares stock a few years ago. Just west of the M6 near Bridgnorth/Wolverhampton is Clive Wheatley, another RV8 specialist.

You can see further information on these three MGV8 specialists using the V8LIFELINE, our online listing of suppliers and servicing specialists which fellow members have mentioned in reports.
V8 Webmaster
29/05/2012 @  04:32
Surely the fundamental difference between Gordon's RV8 and the MGBGTV8 is that the RV8 is a modern car with electronic diagnostics and other than the check/change of the "body fluids" it is best to use a specialist garage. The RV8 is not a forty year old "classic car" as is the MGBGTV8.

I shall be happy to make the journey to Clive Wheatley in Shropshire for a service for my RV8. Admittedly I have friends in the area so the 250 mile trip is worth while. On the other hand I am happy to service my MGBGTV8 myself or use McFadden Classic Cars locally in Motherwell for the really difficult jobs.

The two cars are different and both are enjoyable in their own ways.


Robert William Kerr
02/06/2012 @  18:23
In my opinion there is not much difference between the RV8 and the GTV8. The RV8 is a 40 year old classic car manufactured less than 20 years ago, it certainly is not a modern car with sophisticated electronic diagnostics and the only major difference compared to the GTV8 (from a service point of view) is that the RV8 has fuel injection.
Geoff King
03/06/2012 @  21:28
I agree completely with Geoff. Both his car and mine use the Range Rover/RV8 fuel injection kit and quite honestly it is light years away from the sophistication of a modern car's electronic engine management. I would actually reckon that servicing my car is simpler than servicing a factory BV8 because there are no carbs to tune and fiddle with, and the electronic distributor needs no attention either.

I purchased my engine with all the efi kit from ebay. There is precious little monitoring of the engine - no knock sensors or anything like. All you have is a water temp sensor, a fuel temp sensor, the throttle potentiometer, the idle-speed stepper motor and the hot wire air flow meter. Of course on the RV8 you will also have lambda sensors in the exhaust. But basically, if it works and the car runs properly, there is nothing to touch or adjust. When I built mine I plugged all these 20 year old components together and it worked first time. I wouldn't be afraid of it - get stuck in, service it yourself and save loads of money!
Mike Howlett
04/06/2012 @  18:17
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