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Numberplate Adhesion
I note that the plastic numberplates, both front and rear, are becoming unstuck (due to warm weather?). Is this usual? Any suggestion for an adhesive?
Robert William Kerr
28/05/2012 @  22:10
Under topic: RV8
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Numberplate Adhesion
Halfords have what you are looking for and very inexpensive.
Brian W Kitching
29/05/2012 @  07:30
Numberplate Adhesion
Thanks Brian. But does it have a name? The number-plates have been stuck on with double sided adhesive tape! I need to clean all of it off. Fun.
Robert William Kerr
30/05/2012 @  02:56
Numberplate Adhesion
Double sided adhesive tape or adhesive sticky pads I dont know how much Halfords charge for them but if you can wait for the postman I doubt if it will be cheaper than this:
Geoff King
30/05/2012 @  04:34
Numberplate Adhesion
The link for the tape at Halfords is:
V8 Webmaster
30/05/2012 @  05:24
Numberplate Adhesion
Halfords??? Come on guys, we can do better than this! How about supporting your local independent motor factors?! The ONLY reason to go into Halfrauds is to have a giggle at all the fairy lights in the chav section, eh!
Jon Moulds
30/05/2012 @  06:40
Numberplate Adhesion
Yes, I'm all for supporting the local independents. We've lost so many over recent years and I think we're the poorer for it (literally?).
To my mind, the best example in the West Midlands was Fletcher's, a motor spares factor based near to Birmingham city centre (Eastside), which finally closed two or three years ago.
It was so much more than just your average spares shop as, in addition to the usual products, they used to sell "new old stock" so you never used to know what you would find. On one occasion I spotted a bin full of TR6 (Lucas) washer bottles and I bought c. 40 of these for 30p or 40p each: I've been supplying TR owners for years and have still got a few left!
They also had bins full of sundry fasteners and other small automotive bits and pieces. You could go round the bins and fill a paper bag with whatever and then ask one of the staff "How much?" and they would look in the bag and say "just give me a couple of quid": Maybe that's why they didn't last the course, but to make a visit was almost an adventure and it's a sad loss.
Christopher Allan
31/05/2012 @  17:42
Numberplate Adhesion
You can always send in a report of any supplier or service provider for listing on the V8LIFELINE which provides useful information on traders who fellow members have found provided them with useful specialist services. By definition "local independent motor factors" are local and independent so do not have a wide geographical coverage unless they are part of a franchise arrangement with a coordinated marketing and branding. Robert's query was for advice on what adhesive he could use as the existing fixing system was failing in the heat during the recent hot weather spell in the UK. Both Brian Kitching and Geoff King mentioned the adhesive tape available from the national trader Halfords so it seemed helpful to provide a link if only to illustrate what is available and for people who want to visit their local motor factor to get some adhesive tape for this special purpose. Looking at the Halfords webpage will at least give members an idea of both what they want and its likely cost. Geoff has also provided an eBay source too.
V8 Webmaster
30/05/2012 @  16:22
Numberplate Adhesion
Wow! Small world, eh, Christopher? My step dad used to take me into Fletchers when I was a little boy to buy odds and sods for his motors. No doubt you'll remember the gruff old boy with the yellowish/brown apron?!

I use motormania in Alfreton these days - run by a little old bloke with glasses thick as telescope lenses and his daughter. Only worth talking to the old boy, mind... I went in last weekend to score a clutch hose for my '74 Marina Coupe (yes, I know) and had to deal with the Saturday lad... "What's a Morris? ... Is it a Nissan?" I gave up and waited for the owner...
JC Moulds
01/06/2012 @  06:57
Numberplate Adhesion
Do you really need to ask? Of course I remember him!

Christopher Allan
01/06/2012 @  19:13
Numberplate Adhesion
I've followed this thread with interest and just wanted to add why one has to be so careful when using double sided pressure sensitive tapes for applications such as number plates. There are numerous tapes already die cut or on rolls in many shops but there is little or no indication of their weathering characteristics. Thus you have a serious danger that they will eventually delaminate under the stresses of weathering (temp. differentials) or the ingress of water. This means that only a 0.8 mm thick foam closed cell tape is suitable that is coated both sided with a pure acrylic adhesive. If the adhesive is rubber based it will surely delaminate resulting from heat and the ingress of water. There is a 3M "acrylic foam" tape which is often used for example but should, for any reason, delamination occur one cannot restick it. Delamination is often the result of the user not ensuring that the substrate is not freed up from dirt, moisture or grease/oil smears prior to lamination.
Peter Garton
03/06/2012 @  20:49
Numberplate Adhesion

The other point I omitted was the temp. range of the suitable tapes one uses for body side mouldings, emblems, decals and badges.
+120C down to -40C.
A rubber based adhesive on the other hand is:
+80C to - 20C and is not resistant to weathering or the ingress of water.
Peter Garton
03/06/2012 @  20:56
Numberplate Adhesion
Hehe! Cheers for the trip down memory lane, Christopher!

Gents, what about resorting to traditional methods by using mechanical fixings e.g self tapping screws with the little plastic colour coded caps or rivets?
JC Moulds
04/06/2012 @  00:45
Numberplate Adhesion
Hi Jon
The colour coded fasteners are certainly more secure, and I have them on my car.
I expect that we have all noticed that for some, they appear to have the added "advantage" that with appropriate positioning the vehicle registration can be made to look like something it is clearly not.
Christopher Allan
05/06/2012 @  21:31
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