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MOT Exemption petition
Not holding my breath for a result, but those who feel that the government have made a gross error in judgement by introducing MOT expemtions aught to sign the online petition for it to be quashed. According to this weeks copy of Classic Car Weekly and the volume of negative feedback I've seen on various forums, it seems a heck of a lot of people aren't happy about this new exemption. Link to e-petition:
Jon Moulds
30/05/2012 @  14:48
Under topic: General
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MOT Exemption petition
I have released a series of reports on this MOT topic over the last six months and created an information gateway on the V8 Website with links to them so fellow members can be well informed on how the matter was progressing and the opportunities for expressing views. There were two ways of doing so at the beginning of the year - first the DfT encouraged enthusiasts to participate in its consultation and second the representative body for the historic vehicle clubs, the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs, set up an online survey very rapidly at the turn of the year seeking enthusiasts' views. At that time I alerted fellow members to the unintended consquences risk with the MOT exemption ideas and how I, and many other Club members, felt the DfT proposal was unwise. A while ago I published a NEWS item with the results of the FBHVC survey where most individual members who had participated in the survey appeared to have supported the MOT exemption proposal. That produced what was seen a confused situation - some individual members seemed to support the exemption whereas many officials and committee members of classic car clubs had concerns, not least the safety issues which were discussed again in the last V8BB thread on this topic.

In the earlier thread on this topic you started on 21st May 2012 I sought your clarification whether you had responded to the FBHVC survey earlier this year or the DfT consultation process so your views were expressed? Did you participate in the survey or consulatation then and what were your views at that time?

By all means encourage fellow members to participate in the new online petition for the DfT MOT exemption proposals to be withdrawn but there are other channels of influence which will need support too, not least the ongoing lobbying of the influential FBHVC and individual classic car clubs. So I recommend you contact our Club Office at Abingdon and let them know your views on the exemption proposals and your concerns. In a similar way I feel you could contact the FBHVC and the DfT too setting out your views and concerns in a concise note.
V8 Webmaster
31/05/2012 @  02:11
MOT Exemption petition
How do,
I must have missed that question; however, yes I certainly did participate in the survey. There certainly does need to be wider acknowledgment of the issue. I've posted the link to the petition on the 5 various car forums that I participate on. Much like the rolling road tax exemption petition, I doubt it'll make a difference in the grand scheme of things, but then I think it's something of a double standard to complain about something yet take no action? I was the 14th person to sign this morning and a further 70 have signed since then. Disappointed doesn't even begin to cover it...
Jon Moulds
31/05/2012 @  17:14
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