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Tyres for a factory V8
What tyres are people currently fitting to their V8s these days? My Avons still have plenty of tread left but are becoming very long in the tooth now. (I'm embarassed to admit just how old they are after all the recent bad press about old tyres!) There is no evidence of side wall cracking and the car is garaged and therefore kept in the dark. However, the perils of old tyres are many and I'm not prepared to risk them any longer.

So, as far as I know most people run 185s these days, (as are my old Avons) as 175's are harder to come by, but what are peoples views please on the best value for money (not necessarily cheap) tyre to fit to a '73 factory V8?
Peter Berry
11/06/2012 @  13:49
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Tyres for a factory V8
My factory V8 had Pirelli P3000s but for the re-shell project I spent some time choosing their replacement. My son considers the P3000s and P6000s as "ditch finders". I ended up with Vredestein Sprint Classic 185/80 R14 H. Looks the part with the original V8 wheels I managed to buy. With all the machining grooves still on the alloy highlights. The curbing bumper ridge on the tyre is also a period feature.

Not cheap at almost 100 pounds a pop. Yes this is my choice for my car. I can be as opinionated as some of the other posters. Link is:

Not yet on the road though, soon! Regards,
Robert William Kerr
12/06/2012 @  02:19
Tyres for a factory V8
Thanks Robert. Opinion is what it's all about so I value yours. Tyres are a personal thing so I guess other opinions will follow. Again, appreciated.

P.S. I have P6000's on a TVR which I'm about to change as they're also 'old'. Ditch finders, eh? Probably better sooner rather than later!
Peter Berry
12/06/2012 @  02:55
Tyres for a factory V8
For more than 20 years I used the Michelin X family and its successors but they have discontinued our size now. some months ago I fitted a set of Continental Eco-Conti 3 - these have a very deep tread and the roadholding in wet or dry is noticeably better than the Michelins. I also bought a set of their Winter tyres as both normal and Winter types came top of the list in the very exhaustive and scientific tyre tests carried out last year by AutoExpress.

The raised curbing bumper ridge which Robert mentions was put there at the insistence of Mercedes, to protect their then-new alloy wheels.
Gordon Hesketh-Jones
12/06/2012 @  02:55
Tyres for a factory V8
V8 Webmaster
12/06/2012 @  06:26
Tyres for a factory V8
I've got 205/70/14 Firestones on mine. It feels like there's enough grip to climb vertically up a wall when hustling through the bends. Well, maybe not... but they are certainly miles better than the skinny Avons that came off!
JC Moulds
12/06/2012 @  07:36
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