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Seat removal
Could anyone please tell me how to remove the 2 front seats in my RV8. I can see 2 bolts at the front with a star shaped design in them, so presume I need a special tool, but I cannot see where they are fastened at the back. I am used to 4 bolts on my MGB's, but the RV8 is puzzling me and I am new to ownership. I have bought a manual(CD) but cannot find anywhere that refers to seat removal! Thanks in anticipation.
Gordon Russell
13/06/2012 @  11:05
Under topic: RV8
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Seat removal
Removing the seats is really quite easy except for the fact that the manual is wrong in the way one goes about it! Take a look at RV8 Workshop Notes Vol. 5 note 139. You remove the two torx T40 bolts from the front first then slide the seat right forwards and remove the rear ones. There are two sliders which also can be slotted out. If you try to to reverse this procedure you will find that one cannot get at the rear bolts because the sliders prevent this!
Peter Garton
13/06/2012 @  20:32
Seat removal
Yup, as per Peter's post except to say that every time you find a torx head bolt throw it in the bin and replace with a good old fashioned hex hed of a suitable grade if you possibly can. Nasty horrible things those torx fittings - they always round off just at the moment you don't want them to, particularly the little ones! These cars are knocking on the door of 20 years old now and every remaining example has long exceeded it's originally intended life span. It's only going to get harder to take them apart as the years tick by so makes sense to make things easy for yourself the next time around.
JC Moulds
13/06/2012 @  21:03
Seat removal
Thanks for invaluable information. I'm not mechanically minded, but usually can follow basic instructions so I think I should be ok with this task thanks to your guidance. Love driving her though!!
Gordon Russell
13/06/2012 @  21:36
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