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Rocker arms , Crankshaft timing case seal?
I require new rocker arms (I already have new shafts).The rockers available from the various suppliers is making a decision difficult - original alloy, steel, after market etc. Prices vary. Also are TR8 Range Rover interchangable?
Barry Brickland
14/06/2012 @  12:45
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Rocker arms , Crankshaft timing case seal?
Rockers for the Rover P5B, P6, SD1, Range Rover, Discovery, GTV8, RV8, TR8, TVR, Morgan etc. are all interchangeable. Alloy is perfectly adequate, steel if you want (and might be cheaper) but there is no real advantage for a standard engine. What price are you looking at for a set?
Geoff King
14/06/2012 @  22:48
Rocker arms , Crankshaft timing case seal?
Donít pay more than this but youíll have to order a couple of other parts to get the free delivery (orders over £50 ex VAT). A timing case seal perhaps?
Geoff King
14/06/2012 @  23:21
Rocker arms , Crankshaft timing case seal?
Careful here. There were a lot of dodgy steel ones floating about last year on fleabay made of poor quality material. There might still be a few sets of these still floating around. Stick with the usual trusted suppliers for these components and you won't go wrong.
JC Moulds
15/06/2012 @  03:23
Rocker arms , Crankshaft timing case seal?
You need to be careful what you buy regardless of whether the supplier is trusted or not. The selling price often has more to do with profit margin than product quality and new parts should always be checked and clearances measured before use.

One reputable supplier, I wonít say which one because they are very well regarded by many here, were selling oversize steel rockers and shafts to be used with standard pedestals (presumably to be fitted with a suitable hammer). Now, if the oversize rocker were to be fitted to a standard shaft Ö There are also undersize shafts going about.

Without knowing the spec of the engine and how it will be used itís impossible to recommend what parts to use but the rockers are not the weak part in the valve train. I use standard alloy rockers with a Hurricane cam, HD valve springs, Crane high rev cam followers and alloy push rods. If anything is going to break it will be the end of the rocker shaft.
Geoff King
15/06/2012 @  04:58
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