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Engine does not start

I am a relatively fresh RV8 owner and could use some assistance. I left my car some days ago and turned the alarm on, the red light in the dash panel was blinking. When I returned to the car today the red light was off and the engine did not crank, I assume that most likely a fuse is blown but did not have time to check it properly. Is there anything else I should check? The remote control of the alarm still blinks green if I push the button and the battery shows more than 12 V accoring to the car's amperemeter. Thanks for your support.
Helmut Reder
14/06/2012 @  22:11
Under topic: RV8
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Engine does not start
If you set the alarm, the red light will always blink, as you observed. When you came back to the car there was no red light at all. Do your lights come on? This means that in all probability that your battery is completely flat. Charge it up in the interim and then see whether your alarm is really on or off! The engine starter should then turn the engine over.
Peter Garton
15/06/2012 @  14:06
Engine does not start
As Peter already pointed out: The battery is always a good suspect - especially if you don't know about it's age or condition. That it indicates 12V with only igniton on doesn't mean that it is OK. My prior battery would discharge almost overnight and still display 12V when fully charged. A simple load test at the workshop still indicated that it was OK but an extended test definitely showed that it was marginal. A new Varta Silver C6 type 063 as recommended here solved the problem.

However in your particular case there are some strange elements. If you would have found the car completely dead the alarm/immobilizer would also have lost power and a subsequent restore of voltage may have left the alarm off but the immobilizer in its previous state (on). But even a marginal battery indicating 12V should probably have been able to keep the alarm and immobiliser alive even if it cannot provide cranking current.

You didn't charge the battery after you found it dead without the alarm LED blinking?
Erik Persson
16/06/2012 @  00:49
Engine does not start
Not quite clear on the exact operation of the Lucas 3AS alarm/immobiliser in the RV8 but if it is in an inconsistent state a arm/disarm sequence of the alarm might solve it.
Erik Persson
16/06/2012 @  00:55
Engine does not start
Thanks for the feedback! I do not believe that the battery is completly flat, the radio is still running if you turn it on, but the starter does not even start to turn, you can not even hear the click noise of the relays. The battery up to now did not show any signs of weakness, the car did always start very reliably. Anyway I will look at the battery tomorrow again, although I assume it has something to do with the immobilizer of the alarm system. Regards,
Helmut Reder
16/06/2012 @  02:06
Engine does not start
Have you tried jump leads from another car with engine running? Or has your starter locked?
Brian W Kitching
16/06/2012 @  18:37
Engine does not start
Trying to help you, Helmut, is really difficult becasue of the lack of info. If you follow this wonderful bulletin, you will see from past threads that the cause of your problem is a multifold spectrum starting, as you mentioned, with your alarm itself and ending with faulty battery terminals. What I picked up on from your first note was the fact that the alarm warnnig light was on and then went off on its own!! Take a look at fuse number 1 (located top left of the two rows. There are 26 fuses, small ones of 10-20 amp.) which covers your engine, ignition coil and antitheft alarm. The other fuse to look at is number 12 because you said the alarm warning light did not function. One small suggestion is to let us all know what actually works such as lights, radio, clock etc. etc.
Peter Garton
16/06/2012 @  19:02
Engine does not start
Thanks for your help, the engine is running again. Fuse No19 (20A) was blown! After I replaced the fuse, it took a while for the alarm system to recover, after that I could start as before. Still leaves a strange feeling as I do not know, what caused the blown fuse. Regards,
Helmut Reder
16/06/2012 @  20:56
Engine does not start
Hi Helmut,

I don't know if you have the owner's handbook but fuse #19 is for:
Boot lid release
Anti theft alarm

The alarm itself should consume only a tiny current when active and maybe a little more during arming. If the fuse did blow when you were away then that is a bit odd. Had there been a significant power draw while you were away the battery should have been flat. That leaves a transient spike blowing the fuse at some point or just a bad fuse. Best regards,
Erik Persson
16/06/2012 @  22:29
Engine does not start
Yes, I entirely agree with Erik's comments, Helmut. It is curious that the fuse went although nothing except the alarm was switched on. The point to add is that fuse no. 19 is also for the relays governing the items Erik mentioned. Something must have caused it to blow.
Peter Garton
17/06/2012 @  13:58
Engine does not start
Yes I agree to both of you, it is not obvious at all why the fuse has blown. The reason that I looked for No 19 is that besides No 1 this is the only fuse related to the alarm system. The car was running fine today and I enjoyed a nice ride. I will just monitor this over time and see if it happens again. Thanks again, for all the helpful comments. Regards,
Helmut Reder
18/06/2012 @  02:57
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