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Costello V8 for sale
Saw this Costello V8 for sale
Does this £32500 price tag augur well for factory V8 prices?
Bob Owen
19/06/2012 @  14:25
Under topic: V8
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Costello V8 for sale
I saw this back in April and not surprisingly it's still for sale! However, some dealers do like to push the boundaries just to test the market (and the public's sanity)......but sometimes they find a fish that does bite !
Pat Boghossian
19/06/2012 @  23:09
Costello V8 for sale
If youíd set your heart on one I donít think youíd have much other choice. In my opinion factory V8ís are appreciating, but to my bitter experience, finding a good one without poor bodywork, rusty original wheels etc. is becoming more and more difficult.
Michael O'Leary
20/06/2012 @  23:58
Costello V8 for sale
If you have $40,000 plus, you could get a restored Teal Blue MGB GT V8 on Ebay in California.

It looks very smart, is a right hooker, although the Vin number has an extra digit, possibly a misprint, then you need to get it back home, but I think it would make a nice ride.
Graham Cornford
21/06/2012 @  05:21
Costello V8 for sale
Bob, I think factory V8 prices are creeping upwards. Although, having said that, there's a lot of over priced rubbish for sale at the moment. It's interesting to have a flick through the asking prices of cars that have been sold through the website in recent years. From that alone you can see prices are steadily shifting upwards.

A few Costellos come up every year. They are a bit of an odd-ball breed, though. I've spannered on Alan Worth's Costello GTV8 for him on numerous occasions and the number of subtle differences is quite interesting. The Costello in the link has a Mk1 style fibreglass "bulge bonnet". If you ever get the opportunity to pick one up you'll be stunned. WOW they are heavy compared to the stock steel bonnet.

That said, for me, the only plus point of a Costello over a factory V8 is the action of the gear selector. Without doubt the gear selection on the 4 pot MGB's (which the Costello conversion retains) feels far better than the V8 "banana" box. With respect to that Costello; Gotta love those polished slotmag alloys. Nothing says 70's muscle car better than a set of mag wheels IMHO!
JC Moulds
21/06/2012 @  07:00
Costello V8 for sale
Thatís a beauty but a lot of money. Below is a link to John Twist of University Motorís in the US. In the video he has Ďthe only official BGT V8 to be imported to the USí. They obviously like Teal blue over there.
Michael O'Leary
21/06/2012 @  07:30
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