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Peter Burgess rolling road tuning session - an endorsement
Hi folks, just a gentle prod to encourage those of you who want to get your cars running properly to book yourself in for a rolling road tuning session. I took my factory V8 along to Peter Burgess in Alfreton today. In truth I had actually booked my fast road nutter spec midget in to be set up properly, but unfortunately it blew itís head gasket Thursday lunch timeÖ Ho hum. I figured I had the dyno slot booked anyway so I was up until 11:30 at night getting the new breather system for the V8 all plumbed in.

This is the second time in as many months that Iíve visited Peter's workshop and on both occasions Iíve walked away having learnt an awful lot and both cars have been spot on. Itís such an education spending time in Peter's shop. He really knows his stuff. Iím quite fortunate in that I only live 2 miles away from Alfreton but Iíd certainly be prepared to travel if I didnít for the service Peter provides. My car has 39k miles from new and is essentially mechanically as stock as a rock. Save for a clutch and an exhaust in the 80s the engine has never been apart. (Quite how you manage to kill a clutch in a little over 25,000 miles is beyond meÖ) The only mechanical modifications are a Weber carb and Edelbrock ďperformerĒ inlet manifold and a 70ís sparkrite conventional/electronic ignition module. The sparkrite module is quite interesting in that at the flick of a switch you can be running on either points or electronic ignition. The only negative impact to the points system is that obviously the heel will inevitably wear slightly whilst running, but in reality this is quite negligible. A back to back test on the dyno revealed that somewhat surprisingly the unit was actually doing something to the tune of a 12bhp increase over standard. So, a nice period modification that will definitely be staying put. Peter spent a good couple of hours on the car finding the sweet spot and the result was the car was making an extra 15bhp and an extra 9ft-lbs of torque compared for the first run of the morning as it rolled into the workshop.

Another interesting feature of the day was that Peter was able to call up a power reading from a totally standard V8 with a similarly fresh engine and lay it over the data that my car had generated. The comparison showed that the standard car on SUs was making more power at lower revs but when the full effect of the secondary jets of the Weber carb came in to play, the power curve shot well above the power curve of the standard car. This backs up my real world experiences comparing the car before and after the conversion to the Weber carb. The SUs provide a very smooth power delivery in a very linear way no matter how far you press the throttle. However, the Weber feels a bit lacking down the bottom end when itís in ďeconomy modeĒ. Push the pedal down a little farther to bring the secondary jets into action and you get a mighty kick in the back as the throttle pump dumps a large glug of fuel into the inlet.

The final result of the day was 167bhp @ 4500rpm and 217.4 ft-lbs of torque. Not bad for a 36 year old at all in my humble opinion!

In summary, if youíre considering having your car tuned properly book yourself in with Peter Burgess. Take along whatever consumables you want to change or any needle combinations you want to try and get your car running right. I promise itíll be the best 60 quid you spend on your MG this year. Even if you think youíve your car running sweetly, there will be some gains to be made on a rolling road session.
JC Moulds
23/06/2012 @  00:08
Under topic: V8
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