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Instruments Clean Up
I will be taking the dash out soon to have it resprayed, and as I'm going to have the instruments removed I was going to take the opportunity to clean them up (mainly just the chrome bezel). I intend to remove the bezel from the main body to give them a good polish. My question is when I look at the instruments their seems to be some form of sealant between the bezel and the glass, and on some of them appears to be soft and weeping from behind the bezel. Is there a seal between the bezel and the glass and between the glass and instrument body? I would like to try and source these before I dismantle the clocks if this is the case. If not would someone be able to throw some light on what should be there if anything.
Alan McLean
27/06/2012 @  15:44
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Instruments Clean Up

On ebay, Items No 140630133812, square section instrument to dash gasket and 140674156652, a new Bezel set, are sold by a David Hodgson. The fitting instructions state that there is "nothing between the bezel and glass". I deduce from that, that the square section gasket and friction from the instrument fixing screws is what holds it all in place in the dash board, with no other sealant.
Hope this helps.
Graham Cornford
29/06/2012 @  02:52
Instruments Clean Up
Hi Graham, Thanks for that, I have already purchased the gaskets (instrument to dash) but there does appear to be some form of seal between the glass and bezel, having said that it appears to be something like a black silicone sealant or maybe an "O" ring that is weeping between the glass and bezel. It may also be something that a previous owner did.
Alan McLean
29/06/2012 @  08:37
Instruments Clean Up
My 39k from new V8 has a similar black residue on a couple of the guages. Perhaps they did put something on at the factory?
JC Moulds
05/07/2012 @  06:31
Instruments Clean Up
JC, It sounds to me like this something that is done in the factory during assembly as my gauges do not appear to have been tampered with, so it's not something a previous owner did. I'm surprised no one else has come across this before if that's the case. I cleaned off this "residue" last year but it has appeared again, I'm assuming it's due to the warm weather but as I said earlier I will be removing the dash for repainting so I would like to get sorted prior to re-assembly of the dash.
Alan McLean
05/07/2012 @  17:28
Instruments Clean Up
I too have noticed a black sticky substance when I have removed the chrome bezels from Smiths type gauges. Browsing the web I came across this site where they sell new bezels and if you look you will see that a gasket is supplied with the bezel. It seems to be of neoprene sponge rubber, and I suspect it is to prevent the glass from rattling.
Mike Howlett
05/07/2012 @  21:47
Instruments Clean Up
Bingo!!! Thanks Mike, I had a look at that site and they sell a 3mm and a 4mm Neoprene Sponge Rubber seal in one metre length that goes between the glass and bezel. Not sure which I need (3 or 4mm) but I will give them a call. Thanks for all your help Guys.
Alan McLean
05/07/2012 @  22:40
Instruments Clean Up
Just an update on the seal size, 4mm is for the larger clocks (speedo & rev counter) and 3mm is for the smaller gauges.
Alan McLean
06/07/2012 @  01:18
Instruments Clean Up

Why not take a series of photographs as you progress and put together a few words for submission to the comittee for inclusion in the V8 note series? I can only speak for myself, but I'm sure other members would find it both interesting and useful as future reference material.

Good luck with your project.
JC Moulds
06/07/2012 @  06:36
Instruments Clean Up
Alan mentions that he plans to take the dash out "to have it resprayed" but you can buy cans of HYCOTE WRINKLE FINISH BLACK PAINT (Bar Code 5 011807 002017) quite easily - the picture on the tin shows a dash very similar to the MGB with chrome bezels etc. The crucial point about wrinkle-finish paints is that you have to heat the metal (dash) before spraying, then the wrinkles arrive as the metal cools down. In my case I removed most of the instruments etc but otherwise left the dash in situ for spraying, but heated the metal with a heat gun.
I agree that all of the instruments have a rubber seal between the glass and the bezel
Gordon Hesketh-Jones
07/07/2012 @  20:29
Instruments Clean Up

sorry I'm a bit late but I have one question for you: did they tell you about the thickness of the Neoprene Sponge Rubber? I guess 3 or 4 mm is the width of the strip.
Matteo Masi
11/07/2012 @  22:19
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