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Strange MGRV8 noise
My RV8 was running perfectly well until it suddenly made a grating noise! My inital thought was a front wheel bearing, both were replaced and the noise is still there! The noise is very hard to pin point and feels like it is coming from the back axle. I have rotated both rear wheel and they appear to be OK. What does a worn rear wheel bearing should like? Any thoughts and suggestions would be gratefully recieved from this frustrtaed RV8 owner!
Bob Walker
02/07/2012 @  11:47
Under topic: RV8
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Strange MGRV8 noise
Noises are very difficult to diagnose without hearing them and not easy even when you can hear them – it took me a long time to discover the cause of a ‘clonk’ when accelerating or braking in a Mini was a tin of beans under the seat that had escaped from a shopping bag, rolling between the crossmember and the rear bulkhead.

If you think the grating noise is from the rear of the car I’d start by checking the brakes, remove the drum and check for a ridge of rust or worn brake shoes. A wheel bearing is more likely to rumble than grate and I’m curious why you replaced the front wheel bearings if you thought the noise was from the rear? While you have the brake drum off does the hub move up and down or in and out? You’ll feel the movement if the bearing is worn – but I doubt if it is, they should last forever unless the car spends very long periods without being moved.

As you say the noise ‘feels’ like it from the rear I assume there is a vibration that accompanies the noise? Have you checked the oil level in the axle? With one rear wheel blocked how difficult is it to turn the other wheel and does the axle make a noise when you turn the wheel? Check the prop shaft U/J’s while you’re under the car, there should be no perceptible movement in the joints. They are probably sealed for life but if they have grease nipples it wouldn’t harm to add some lubrication.
Geoff King
02/07/2012 @  22:31
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