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Windscreen water leak
A few days ago my RV8 started to leak rain water at the windscreen glass seal between the glass and the seal. The leak is at the lower left side and it seems as if hydrostatic pressure from rain water sitting on the outside between the seal and the glass finds a way around the glass to the inside and then sits between the seal and the glass on the inside. Luckily this is not critical at the moment as the water will still be held in the valley created by the glass and the seal on the inside but when driving or when parked on an incline it will escape and start dripping on the dash top.

I am pretty sure this started very recently and I have a suspicion that I may have caused it while pressure washing the windscreen to get rid of bugs which could have shifted the rubber a bit. The seal itself looks in good order - no stiffness or cracking.

Any advice on how to tackle this would be very appreciated. Should I just take it to a car glass shop and just have them take out and refit the glass? Is there additional sealant between the glass and the seal (e.g. silicone?. Thanks,
Erik Persson
08/07/2012 @  23:53
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Windscreen water leak
I had the same problem 18 months ago. I tried new sealant, inside and outside but the water still found its way in. Bit the bullet and had Clive fit a new windscreen surround. I was amazed at the amount of rust and decay in the old surround. Now no leak through the windscreen . . . but there is still another leak somewhere else!
Chris Yates
11/07/2012 @  03:00
Windscreen water leak
They do seem to have a bit of a reputation for screen frames becoming crusty with age but I thought that manifested itself in the side frames rather than at the bottom?

A favorite leak point on the MGB models is the gaskets around the wiper boxes and washer jets. It's often a real bitch of a job trying to get the octagonal nuts (yes, really!) off the wiper spindles.

If the factory didn't need to add sealant then I'm not so sure it's a good idea to modify what you have. Why not pull the screen and renew all the seals. At least that way you can prove to yourself one way or another whether the screen frame itself is worth hanging on to?

JC Moulds
12/07/2012 @  01:57
Windscreen water leak
A new glazing seal is cheaper than a new frame so I'll try getting the glass out and change the seal and inspect the frame as suggested.

Probably will have to wait until fall or spring. For now a rag on the dash top as insurance will have to do. :)

I would like to get the RV8 resprayed at some point and would it would be good to hold off a potential window frame renewal until then.

Thanks all,
Erik Persson
13/07/2012 @  06:23
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