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Time for a new exhaust
I guess I haven't been paying enought attention to #590 lately as she decided she wanted a new exhaust today. The left pipe leading into the first muffler (resonator) has rotted off. Looking at Clive's and B&G's sites, I'm comparing prices. On the B&G site, the part I need is #9 in this link:

On Clive's site under the RV8 section, there's two exhaust systems shown. 1st column, pics 1 & 2. As far as I can tell, the only difference between the two is the Double SS system has the additional resonator whereas the Single doesn't. I can't make out much detail in the site's photos.

Anyone have any experience with either Clive's or the B&G replacement exhaust? The B&G system is cheaper but I'd like to know if the quality is the same. I don't mind paying for a good system.

As always, thanks in advance.
Simon Austin
16/07/2012 @  03:00
Under topic: RV8
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Time for a new exhaust
The question you have to ask yourself, Simon is whether you want a different sound. The single exhaust transforms the sound so that pedestrians turn their heads to see what is heading their way! I have this system from Clive and am very satisfied with the fit and the stainless steel quality. Some people may consider the slight droning when on a fast road but I, quite frankly, love it and am used to it as is Doris.
Peter Garton
16/07/2012 @  14:23
Time for a new exhaust
Simon, Peter is absolutely right about the sound factor. I tried John Bolt's car which has the single box system and whilst it makes a great sound, it wasn't for me so I choose the double box which is significantly quieter. If I want to hear a more "powerful" sound I will take out the ZTV8 which with it's 4.6 V8 Mustang engine is quite a different thing altogether.
Ian Quarrington
16/07/2012 @  18:07
Time for a new exhaust
Simon, it'd be worth having a run out in a fellow enthusiastís car fitted with the system you are considering.

When I was a student I built my first V8 conversion. The exhaust I fabricated consisted of downpipe, cherry bomb muffler and it then turned 90 degrees and exited through two chromed tips in front of the rear wheels.
It sounded great in the pub car park. However, on the open road there was a loud harmonic resonance just at the point you wanted to cruise. REALLY annoying! I ended up fitting a pair of extra headman mufflers onto each bank. The resonance didn't go away completely but it moved to a point in the rev range that I didn't use for cruising.

So, like I said, either blag a drive or ride shotgun in a car fitted with the system you are considering. It'd be a bit of a disappointment to have to splash out twice because you can't tolerate the modified system, eh?

p.s Make sure you fire her up when youíve only got the downpipes attached. Itíll make you grin for the rest of the day! Itís quite surprising how quickly a Rover V8 will rev up when thereís no exhaust attached. Cheers,
JC Moulds
16/07/2012 @  23:36
Time for a new exhaust
As you are in Canada there are few local fellow RV8 enthusiasts to link up with but I remembered that at at the MG Show at Stoneleigh in 2007 I had recorded the "new" RV8 twin exhaust system developed by Clive Wheatley which was on display on his stand. We have a brief video clip with sample of the sound on the V8 website - see the link below. Clive mentioned that in developing the twin exhaust system they have paid close attention to limiting the noise intrusion inside the car. The conversion involves moving the fuel tank around 4 inches to allow the additional pipe to pass to the offside rear. The sound recording is not high quality - it's from a compact digital camera - and there is a great deal of background noise in the exhibition hall at Stoneleigh, but at least it gives a flavour of the growl from this system.

Popping "RV8 exhaust" into the homepage searchbox gives the link:
V8 Webmaster
17/07/2012 @  00:37
Time for a new exhaust
Thanks gents. Since I have a Rover-MGB conversion as well as #590, I will likely stay with the stock exhaust for the RV8. My converted car has the 3.5 with Clive's 2.5" SS system including RV8 headers installed. It is definitely a louder system at speed but around town, quite acceptable. I suspected the two systems Clive offers were different in noise level. I'll make contact with both him and B&G for more details. I'll have a listen on the link provided. Cheers,
Simon Austin
17/07/2012 @  02:20
Time for a new exhaust
Here is a link to the sound of my single system.
Peter Varley
17/07/2012 @  17:30
Time for a new exhaust
Peter, that sounds lovely! I notice you've also changed the CATS, are they the 100 or 200 cell racing CATS as they look tiny? Could you kindly provide some details? Many thanks in advance.
Pat Boghossian
17/07/2012 @  18:43
Time for a new exhaust
Thanks Pat. From what I can find out the cats are 100 Cell CPSI Bullet Hi Flow metal stainless steel CAT converter race 2.5". 4" round body 8" long overall.
Peter Varley
17/07/2012 @  19:17
Time for a new exhaust
I have created a webpage with links to the two sound recordings mentioned in this thread so they will be avialble as a continuing information source on the V8 website. If any member has another recording of one of the systems mentioned in the V8BB thread, then do send the file to me via the contacts on the homepage.

I will also create a new information gateway for RV8 exhaust systems so that will make retrieving useful material easier for fellow members using the website.
V8 Webmaster
17/07/2012 @  20:25
Time for a new exhaust
Since I've got Clive's SS system installed on my converted car, I'll put together a video of what it sounds like so anyone considering that system can hear it.

As I mentioned earlier, I'll go with the dual-muffler system for the RV8. Now I just have to order it.
Simon Austin
18/07/2012 @  00:36
Time for a new exhaust
Simon, I have a brand new old stock original Unipart exhaust in stainless steel for the RV8 which is the item that was originally fitted to the car when new. Email me at gavinbailey (at) if you are interested.
Gavin Bailey
19/07/2012 @  03:47
Time for a new exhaust
Thanks Gavin. I'll send you an email.
Simon Austin
19/07/2012 @  16:58
Time for a new exhaust
You may have missed the substantial collection of RV8 spares Gavin has on offer on the V8 Spares for Sale webpage which you can reach via the rollover button on the LHS of the V8 website homepage. If you follow the link on his advert a comprehensive 6 page list of the spares on offer pops up and the first item is the RV8 exhaust system.

There are two more similar adverts on the V8 Spares for Sale webpage:

Collection of MGBGTV8 spares on offer from David Waterton.
Collection of MGBGTV8 spares on offer from Gavin Bailey.

Well worth checking out.
V8 Webmaster
20/07/2012 @  02:12
Time for a new exhaust
Thanks Victor. I completely forgot about the ad. I'll take another look. Might be some other parts worth getting.
Simon Austin
20/07/2012 @  04:36
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