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Thank you!!
The MG fraternity came to my aid today when I made the fatal mistake of closing the boot of my RV8 with my rain jacket inside containing the car keys. OOps, whilst attending the Abingdon Works Center summmers day out in the rain at Kingston Bagpuize House, one very unhappy wife in the passegers seat and a lot of head scatching. My main thanks go to John Bolt who from the outset said get the AA and also to John Innes for tools and wire to have a go at sorting it. The solution was to somehow get the ignition circuit live so that the electronic boot release could be activated, we all gave up after several attempts and decided the 4th emergency service would be the best approach. Fantastic service 30mins after the call yellow van turned up and 5 mins later boot open!! Now if you want to know how he did it so quickly, he dismantled the ignition switch from the steering lock so that he could turn it without the key. It was a bit of a fiddle but it worked. Salutory lesson learnt!! Thanks again everbody.
Pete Jevons
29/07/2012 @  23:28
Under topic: RV8
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Thank you!!
Hi It happened to me a few years ago, so now I have a spare key hidden in the car just in case my age catches me out again.
Brian W Kitching
30/07/2012 @  17:54
Hidden Key
Hi Pete,
Glad you got sorted, I had an MGF a few years ago (my first MG) and did a similar thing, unfortunately that did not have the luxury of an electric boot release and it was a long journey with the nice AA man to get the spare set of keys. After that I did as Brian suggests and hid a spare key in the car, because even if I had to set the alarm off to get too it, I would soon be able to quieten it once I got the boot open! Perhaps a lesson to us all.
NB My local Cobbler cuts a replacement for 4.95 albeit no bendy head!
Best wishes
Richard Wood
05/08/2012 @  02:31
Thank you!!
Bendy key blanks are still available. I have managed to source some for fellow RV8 owners via a very large multi franchise dealer in Cambridge who keep them for Land Rover owners. If you want a bendy key blank please email me using the information on the contacts page of the website.
Ian Quarrington
05/08/2012 @  14:42
Thank you!!
This raises an important question. If your car is stolen using your hidden key, are you covered by your insurance? I suspect not! I keep a spare key on my person for such emergencies.
Dennis Hodge
08/08/2012 @  01:15
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