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Oil Cooler
Question - is the RV8 supposed to have an oil cooler? Mine is an import and it has one installed. However, having reviewed the workshop manual I am convinced that it shouldn't have one as there is no mention of an oil cooler. On the other hand, I can't help thinking that it would be strange for Rover not to have included one in the original spec as BL did on the GT V8.
Pat Boghossian
03/08/2012 @  09:49
Under topic: RV8
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Oil Cooler
Clive Wheatley recalls speaking with John Yea on this subject and he said they had run tests during the development of the RV8 with an oil cooler fitted and found the oil temperature was around 5C higher without an oil cooler in an ambient of 30C so the case for the cooler was not there. So it was not fitted as a production item. Clive says itís not difficult to retrofit an oil cooler to an RV8 and it might be a wise modification for anyone giving their RV8 hard use from time to time, like track days.
V8 Webmaster
03/08/2012 @  19:49
Oil Cooler
It's an interesting point, about whether the RV8 should have an oil cooler. When I built my GTV8 conversion I noted that the factory GTV8s all have a cooler, but that the RV8 did not. After due consideration I decided not to fit one, following the RV8's example. I have found that even on the hottest days, sitting in traffic with the radiator fans whirring away, the oil pressure doesn't vary, so I feel justified in my decision not to have a cooler.

BMC's use of oil coolers seems a little strange to me. On my 1800 MGB an oil cooler was fitted as standard, whereas on my Midget it was not. I put a thermostatic valve in the oil cooler lines on the B. This gadget only allowed oil to go to the cooler if the oil temp rose above 85C. I found that it took a really hot day before the cooler came into circuit, pointing to the fact that in the great majority of driving the oil is over-cooled.

The Midget on the other hand suffers from oil pressure drop when the engine is hot, and really needs a cooler, but one was never fitted. I am putting in an after-market one soon.
Mike Howlett
04/08/2012 @  06:21
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