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Special twin fan cooling kit for the V8
Barrie Jones has provided a useful link to Larkspeed's website which I have followed up this morning and found the fellow who runs the kit supplier, Revotec, is a particularly pleasant and enthusiastic person. Their special twin fan kit for the MGBGTV8 is not featured on the Revotec website but after my call this morning I think they will upgrade their webpage. He is sending me some detailed information on the twin high performance cooling fan kits they supply for the MGBGTV8 so I will prepare a preliminary note for the V8 website hopefully later today. Does any V8 enthusiast have any experience of the Revotec twin fan kit for the Factory MGBGTV8?

Walter Kallenberg provided a very useful V8NOTE382 in August 2008 on how he used two SPAL puller fans to provide improved cooling but it looks as if these General Cab made fans available from Revotec plus their installation and controller kits are likely to be an improvement. So potential good news for Factory V8 and V8 conversion enthusiasts wanting to get reliable cooling.
V8 Webmaster
03/08/2012 @  11:24
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Special twin fan cooling kit for the V8
Revotecís website has been updated; the GTV8 kit is at the bottom of the page £199.00 plus VAT.
Geoff King
04/08/2012 @  02:51
Special twin fan cooling kit for the V8
Many thanks for spotting that update displaying the bespoke Revotec MGBV8 twin cooling fan kit. I think we need to explain that Revotec has two websites: one which is currently their main website is at:

But they also have the website you found - revotecdirect - which comes up from a Google search and there Revotec says it "is under development and is not yet functional". That website is at:

When I spoke with William Bartlett at Revotec earlier today to get a little more information on their MGBV8 twin fan kit, I found him a most helpful and enthusiastic person. He has sent me some useful technical material on the kit which I will upload to the V8 Website later this evening. Based on that information we have drafted a one page article on the Revotec cooling upgrade kits which William is proofing now so I hope that it will be released as both an article and V8NOTE very shortly. Many thanks to Barry Jones for highlighting these kits earlier today.

It's clear the efficiency of the Revotec fans, which were specifically chosen as high duty fans for the MGBGV8 cooling task, do provide an improvement over the original twin fans on the Factory MGBGTV8 so should help improve cooling when fitted to an MGBGTV8. Those original yellow fans have plain ends to the large blades so suffer from air spilling over the ends and it is not easy getting those fans as close to the radiator matrix as might be ideal for optimum cooling effect.

In contast the Revotec fans are mounted on a set of laser-cut brackets specifically designed for the MGBGTV8 model which allow the fans to be mounted very close to the radiator matrix using the original radiator mounting bolts. The fans are balanced and have a low profile plus a finger guard as a welcome safety feature. They also have a cylindrical edged casing which resists air spilling over the fan blade tips thereby improving the efficiency of the fan in shifting an airstream through the radiator matrix.
V8 Webmaster
04/08/2012 @  05:09
Special twin fan cooling kit for the V8
At the North Weald Track Day, I ran a bearing in one of my yellow fan motors. I then found I could not remove the fan from the shaft in order to replace the motor. As new yellow fans seem unobtainable I decided it was time to replace both units.
I've never liked the idea of using modified cable ties passed through the radiator to secure the fans, and the neat brackets Revotec kit ensure no vibration or flexing stress is transferred to the fins.
At the same time I had the radiator re-cored by Anglia Radiators giving a cleaner air flow and more cooling tubes.
Fitting the fans to a chrome bumper car was quite easy although the clearances are necessarily tight. It might be more difficult to reach everything on a rubber bumper version. It is best not to fully tighten all the nuts on the fan assembly before fitting; the ability to flex the unit allowing the radiator bolts to be jiggled into position. I was impressed that on my Roadster conversion there was no need to open out any of the mounting holes to make the components fit. Also that the Revotec supply a choice of UN and metric bolts to mount the fans to the radiator. The wiring was simple and as one can see the instructions are clear and easy to follow. I would add that this is a good time to check the ignition relay contacts.
There is a very significant increase both in volume and speed of airflow from the fans. My car has an Offenhauser inlet manifold and on hot days usually required use of the heater to prevent the temperature needle going off the scale. I've not had the opportunity for a long run yet but tests so far show these changes keep the temperature stable without the need for the heater.
The fan shrouds eliminate the need for the mesh guard and as they are all enclosing I may change the supply to the brown wiring circuit to allow the fans to keep going when the engine is switched off. If so I'll leave the manual over-ride switch on the green circuit.
If there is a downside to this kit, it is that as the fans spin faster and move a lot more air, they make a louder and higher pitched noise than the factory originals. With the hood down, they are audible at 60 mph, but I think this is a small price to pay for the benefits of a cool engine and cooler feet.
Vic Todman
09/08/2012 @  15:43
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