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Rear Window Louvres/Louvers
Does anyone remember these from the 70s? Apparently it was a pretty big thing on Fords of the era? I came across an image of a BGT fitted with a set of rear window louvres/louvers (seems to be a 50/50 split of the spelling on the interweb) recently and thought they looked quite smart.

Apparently they are/were quite popular in places like South Africa to deflect a bit of the heat from the cabin? I'd quite like to source a set for my BGTV8. From the research I've done a company called ĎAutoplasí used to produce them in the 70s. It seems they don't produce them any longer, however? Does anyone know of a company that might be able to supply a set of these? Alternatively, has anyone got a set lurking in their garage that they would be prepared to part with?
Jon Moulds
04/08/2012 @  00:37
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Rear Window Louvres/Louvers
Yes I remember seeing these as a teenager in the 70's on at least one MGBGT! You might find there are still some cars with them fitted if you look at the MGB forum or perhaps at the big MGB50 event at Blenheim.
Ian Quarrington
05/08/2012 @  14:47
Rear Window Louvres/Louvers
Ah, but would the owners be prepared to part with them?! I confess I've been looking for a set for over a year without any success. Surely someone somewhere must have a set hiding away in their loft or garage?
Jon Moulds
06/08/2012 @  06:14
Rear Window Louvres/Louvers
I found you some louvres. Trouble is they're in Riverside, CA and still attached to this BGT:
Simon Austin
06/08/2012 @  09:17
Rear Window Louvres/Louvers
At the risk of being labelled a pedant, may I suggest that 'louvre' is the British English way to spell the word (closer to the French origins) and 'louver' will be the Websterised American English way to spell it...
David Knowles
06/08/2012 @  22:41
Rear Window Louvres/Louvers
Nice spot, Simon! Not sure how well it'd go down with the other half if I bought a car from America just for the Louvres? Back to the drawing board I think!
Jon Moulds
07/08/2012 @  22:09
Rear Window Louvres
Do you really want your MGB to look like a Ford Capri pretending to be a Lamborghini Muira? Some things about the 1970s are best forgotten, and I speak as a former Capri driver!
Chris Hunt Cooke
10/08/2012 @  08:41
Rear Window Louvres/Louvers
HeHe! I wasn't around in the 70s Chris? Wish I had have been, though. '69 to '79 was about the best 10 years for car design in my humble opinion. I'm going for a mild 70's "Kustom" look... Cosmic alloys, bulge bonnet, Enderle bug catcher. etc... etc... I don't think I'll bother with a fog light on the back axle, whip ariel and a faux leopard fur interior, though!

But, seriously... If anyone's got one lurking around and they don't want to publically admit to purchasing such a thing please please drop me an email on and I will be incredibly grateful.
Jon Moulds
10/08/2012 @  10:07
Rear Window Louvres
What about a vinyl roof? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder no doubt, but that era was the absolute nadir of build quality. The Austin Allegro, originally featuring a square steering wheel, was so bad it became known as the All Aggro, and many of my colleagues were delighted with their Rover SD1's until all the faults became apparent. One guy took his smart new SD1 down to the pub where it was much admired until the time came to leave and it would not unlock. My boss had so many problems with his that the company wrote to British Leyland, who sent a representative who sympahasised completely because his Princess was such a disaster!
Chris Hunt Cooke
10/08/2012 @  23:24
Rear Window Louvres
Why deface the car with louvres? Opening the two rear windows produces an excellent escape route for the hot air from the two foot-wells and also increases the air-flow through the two face-level vents by a factor of three or four times. For local journeys on hot days I open our Webasto sunroof fully but this is much too noisy for long motorway use so that is when the rear windows come into their own, as they produce far less noise than the combined effect of engine, gearbox, exhaust and near-vertical windscreen etc.
Gordon Hesketh-Jones
13/08/2012 @  19:36
Rear Window Louvres/Louvers
Chris! You're of course correct about period build quality but there's no doubting that the 70's generate some seriously nice cars.
I've not experienced an Allegro yet. Although, I did have a brief affair with a Marina Coupe in the early half of this year? It wasn't as bad as they are made out to be.

Not much a fan of vinyl tops. They look great on something like a '68-'70 Dodge Charger but I'm not struck on them for a BGT... Not after having searched for neearly a decade to find a rubber bumper gt with no sunroof. Although, our '74 S2 Jaguar XJ6 does have a vinyl top which seems to suit it. (Perhaps I'm just a glutton for punishment?)

Gordon, for me it's an aesthetic thing really. I think they look awesome. Each to their own as they say, eh? There's no issue with the car getting too warm inside. Although, with regard to your point about Webasto roofs being too noisy at speed, try experimenting with the angle of attack of the wind deflector. It always made a MASSIVE difference to the enjoyability on webasto equipped V8's I've owned in the past.
To prove the point, try cruising @ 35-40mph with the deflector in the stowed position the difference is quite surprising.

Jon Moulds
13/08/2012 @  21:27
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