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Replacement Ted's Knob
After reading V8NOTE452, I am converting an Factory V8 from RHD to LHD and couldnít resist to do more than only the conversion. So the project is now almost a complete restoration but is almost finished. Completely my fault, but the efforts are making me happy. One of the minor problems was the so called Tedís Knob. It didnít worked at all anymore. Completely filled with dust and the rubber was hardened. I wanted to replace it, but no replacement could be found. So the only thing I could do was cleaning. Because it is a hard job to replace it when the car is not dismantled, a new one would be better. I wonder if somebody knows a source for a new one? Part number AHC321 as described in the V8NOTE.
John van den Boorn
10/08/2012 @  21:08
Under topic: V8
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Replacement Ted's Knob
I would try again to clean out the existing fresh air vent chamber drain tube (known at the Factory in the 70s as Ted's Knob) because it is a devil to refit. The photo I provided in V8NOTE452 is graphic if a little startling for our lady members, but it does show what the problem is likely to be after some 34 or 35 years. The accumulation of sludge with a few small stone chips and bits of leaf mould creates quite a plug at the end of Ted's Knob but if you persist as I did with the straightended wire coat hanger, using that careful reaming action, and then get underneath the car on ramps with a bright light and a screwdriver, you can tease the accumulated muck out of the hardened rubber tube.

For fellow members who have not had the opportunity to get under their MGBGTV8 or MGB/MGC and examine this part, you will find it is alongside the offside of the gearbox and you can only just get your had up there to grapple with the middle and lower end of the rubber item. Reaching the top end with the clip which holds the unit on is very nearly impossible. Persist with cleaning out Ted's Knob is my advice - the alternative is even harder as randy Ted at the Factory might have said!
Victor Smith
11/08/2012 @  06:01
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