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Olympics closing ceremony

Surprised no one else has mentioned the MGs in the closing ceremony - so now I have. I spotted a blue TC, an MGB GT (distant - may have been Vermillion but the lighting distorts the colours) and an MGA. The latter was in the main "newspaper" covered parade. There was also a frog-eyed Sprite and maybe others - what did you spot?
The significance escapes me - perhaps classic cars are considered part of the traditional fabric of Britain? If so that must be good news for our cause!
Bob Owen
14/08/2012 @  08:21
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Olympics closing ceremony
I was also glued to the TV and spotted an Austin Healey plus the ones you noted, Bob. The Olympics made me very proud indeed to be an "ex" Londoner. My German friends over here triumphed, initially, when the riding event took place at the beginning and Germany got the gold but became increasingly subdued when they saw how well team GB did. When one realises how much Britain has to offer regarding traditions, heritage, history, old and new architecture and spectacle surrounding foreign tourists and visitors, it is really quite unique in the world.
The one feature which was highly praised here was the friendliness of everyone. In the beginning the German media tend to mock these sort of events since they really think that they are the only ones who can organise anything. This was even mentioned in that this sort of in-depth organisation is not one of our greatest strengths. I always get up tight and choke on my early morning tea struggling to get my blood pressure tablet down quickly. Doris tells me to calm down and not take it all so personally.
Peter Garton
14/08/2012 @  20:02
Olympics closing ceremony
The Germans and the Americans were generous in their praise of Team GB and rightly so. The French were decidedly not, underlining their reputation as bad losers. Britain glowed and we should all be very proud of our country.
Terry Starkey
15/08/2012 @  00:18
Olympics closing ceremony
Other MGs spotted: two MGFs (one an MGTF), one chrome bumper MGB and a rubber bumper Midget. I thought the whole event was excellent from start to finish. French colleagues at work suggest the poor losers attitude started as soon as London was chosen in preference to Paris. Shame.
Ian Quarrington
15/08/2012 @  04:07
Olympics closing ceremony
Well spotted Ian. In defence of our French cousins, they did carry both tricolore and union flags as the team paraded into the arena - perhaps as recompense. Their intimations of cycle team cheating with "magic" wheels was met with a British response that the secret was that the wheels were "round, very round". Apparently the French took this on board. As George Bush might have said, "The French don't even have a word for badinage"....
Bob Owen
15/08/2012 @  16:26
Olympics closing ceremony
Beautifully put, Bob. Made me really chuckle! We are coming over, albeit next February to London, sadly only a single night staying next to the Tower/Tower Bridge, and will give one of Doris' staff the chance to sample several of the City's wonderful sites since she's never seen London and we can somehow fit it in on our way back from the fashion show in Birmingham.
Peter Garton
15/08/2012 @  18:34
Olympics closing ceremony
The MGs at the ceremony consisted of 2 MG Roadsters, 3 MGBGTs, a TC, an RV8 and 3 MGAs. The red (after the newspaper was removed) MGA was driven by Dave Hill secretary of North London MG Car Club. Dave told me that rehearsals were held at the old Ford plant in Dagenham, starting in early June. The total rehearsal time amounting to some 75 hours. The other classics consised of a Healey 3000, Frogeye Sprite, TVR Tuscan, Sunbeam Alpine, Lous Elite, Triumph Herald, 3 Ford Corsairs and a couple of classic Rolls Royce.
Ian Haynes
15/08/2012 @  19:03
Olympics closing ceremony
Thanks for that, Ian. Were you involved in organising the provision of cars?
Bob Owen
18/08/2012 @  17:52
Olympics closing ceremony
Hi Bob,
No I was not involved in the selection. The original enquiry from the Olympics closing ceremony organisers was sent to our club secretary Dave Hill. It was discussed at our weekly club night, but Dave was the only member who had the time to attend the many rehearsals. Dave applied and attended a selection meeting from which he was chosen.
Ian Haynes
18/08/2012 @  19:33
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