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RV8 Wind Noise Issue
I have an annoying wind noise/whistle in my RV8 with the roof up and the windows up Ė the driverís window glass does not have a firm enough pressure on the rubber weatherstrip that runs down the screen frame and the result is an annoying wind whistle. A little bit of light finger pressure on the rubber as you drive along stops the noise by creating a firm seal to the glass. The passenger side is fine and nice and quiet. The drivers door looks to be adjusted in as far as practical with the bottom lower rear edge of the door panel slightly proud of the bodywork when closed. Iíve tried adjusting the window glass channels as far in as I can to improve the glass pressure on to the rubber weatherstrip but canít get it to still be a firm enough close onto the rubber.

Just wondering if anyone else has had this same issue or had any further suggestions on how to fix it?

Spring is coming soon in NZ so the roof will be down much of the time providing some relief!
Dominic Scott
15/08/2012 @  23:36
Under topic: RV8
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RV8 Wind Noise Issue
This is certainly irrelevant to your problem but I do assume you have the radio aerial down. This also cause whistle when fully up, by the way.
The window seal with respect to the hood itself is questionable, however. It should not create a whistle. I personally think the only remedy is to re-adjust your door "inwards" thus improving the seal between the window and the hood edge. I'll check mine this morning and report back.
Peter Garton
16/08/2012 @  14:50
RV8 Wind Noise Issue
Thanks Peter, yes aerial down, I very seldom use the radio in the car. Just to clarify, the problem area is not the glass to hood/roof fit/seal, but where the glass seals against the rubber weatherstrip down the windscreen frame. I wondered if a new rubber seal may fix it, the old rubber may have compressed or flattened over time but I see on B & G's website that this part ZKC5316 is now NLA.
Dominic Scott
16/08/2012 @  18:03
RV8 Wind Noise Issue
Yes, I now understand your problem Dominic and as you say the part is NLA.
I just took a good look at mine and the door fits quite tighly onto the windscreen gasket which is rounded at the top but a bit flattened lower down.
I would strongly suggest getting your door adjusted via the main front hinges and the door rear lock adjustment. Don't attempt this with a standard philips screw driver, you will only severely damage the screw bolt heads. The lower edge of my driver's door is not extending over the sill, outer edge but is slightly inside it!!! I'm fairly sure this will solve your problem.
Peter Garton
16/08/2012 @  18:41
RV8 Wind Noise Issue
I had your same problem last year,I purchased a length of solid foam tubing and with the help of some WD40 pushed it inside the rubber weatherstrip which reform its size and reduced the wind noise by two thirds.
John Taylor
16/08/2012 @  21:53
RV8 Wind Noise Issue
This idea that John has muted is a jolly good one. Cheap and simple! I assume he pushed the foam upwards via a slit in the bottom end? If he reduced the noise by two thirds, then the realigning of the door itself will complete the job 100%.
Peter Garton
17/08/2012 @  04:11
RV8 Wind Noise Issue
Thanks John & Peter for your good suggestions - in due course I will experiment with these ideas and see if I can cure this little annoyance. I'll let you know how I get on. Thanks again.
Dominic Scott
17/08/2012 @  05:19
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