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Interior Lights
My lights are on all the time. I have checked the door switches and they work when I set the alarm and open the door. I suspect relay No1. Where can I get a relay? B&Q don't list it
John Brown
17/08/2012 @  19:20
Under topic: RV8
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Interior Lights
Presumably you've exhausted all the usual suppliers? Clive, B&G, B hive, Moss etc? For generic electronic components you can always give Maplin a go. I know they've got a small selection of automotive odd's n' sods if you're stuck. It'd be worth giving AES a try first, though. They are pretty good. Cheers,
Jon Moulds
18/08/2012 @  06:18
Interior Lights
I donít have a clue what relay No.1 does but Iíd guess itís a timer delay if itís for the interior lights Ė I suppose you are leaving enough time for the lights to dim or time out? The relay is unlikely to be unique to the RV8 but I have to say Iím not surprised B&Q donít list it.

If you remove the relay you should be able to identify it and obtain a replacement from an electrical supplier as Jon suggests. Or try Autosparks or Altec Automotive or The Tool Box Shop or Vehicle Wiring Products
Geoff King
19/08/2012 @  04:30
Interior Lights
Relay no.1 is a Lucas Relay 3VT TCU Lucas part No SCB 100 Rover part No EEP 0170 and is NLA. If you find one you will be very lucky, a possible second hand source also fitted to MG Montegos. I have tried for some months now with NO sucess, the only thing is to see if we can get them remade?
John Bolt, RV8 Historian
20/08/2012 @  19:03
Interior Lights
I spoke with Steve Newton at Clive Wheatley this afternoon and he says they have been trying to resource the relay but it is NLA at present, but they are trying to find a way to find some through their contacts. Steve said that when they have met the problem of a faulty relay which leaves the interior light on and without a replacement relay, they have bypassed the faulty relay with a loop of wiring as a patch lead. Then the lights go on and off but there is no buzzer or delay. He has examined one of the relays and it has a miniature printed circuit inside so is likely to be an expensive item to get remade and a minimum economic run is likely to be a 1,000 or more.

One idea I raised with Steve is whether a relay from another car which performs a similar function on the interior light facilities could be used, providing a delay in extinguishing the light and then a dimming as they turn off and possibly a buzzer too? If one can be identified from say an Audi, BMW or another model with that feature then it's very likely it would not fit as a direct replacement so a patch lead arrangement to wire it in might be needed. I have left a message with Bob Owen, a fellow member who is a professional electronics engineer, to see if he could review the options.

So John, if you want more information on how to overcome the "interior lights remaining on" problem I feel the easiest way is to call Steve Newton at Clive Wheatley mgv8parts or arrange to pop your RV8 in at their workshops to have the fix carried out. If you have a good local autoelectrics specialist then they may be able to do the fix for you.
Victor Smith
21/08/2012 @  01:54
Interior Lights
Bob Owen has responded overnight saying saying he is currently on the Caledonian 5 day tour but "I spoke briefly to Clive on this at Silverstone and said I'd be happy to examine and repair or reverse engineer an RV8 relay assembly. I would need to have a sample working unit. There would be a PCB tooling charge of around a £100 for a newly engineered replacement but I would be happy to provide my time free for PCB layout and component sourcing etc. I have done the same thing for the RV8 anti-slosh board (fuel gauge feed) which is also NLA." So when Bob's back we will follow this up with Bob and Clive Wheatley.
Victor Smith
21/08/2012 @  17:39
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