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Wiring modification for RV8 cooling fan
Apologies for the long title of this thread. One may recall that I had problems, for a short while, some time ago in that the engine header tank overflowed after switching off the engine. It was due, of course, to airlocks in the cooling system. Since our temps. here reach easily 37C in the summer, one can drive along and then park up in underground parking. The heat gathers there to such intensity that one can hardly breathe even though it is airconditioned (the parkhouse). I went along to Bosch and they built in a relay which allows the fan to continue to run for a few moments until the engine temp comes down after swtiching off. If the conditions are such that the engine still conitues to heat up, the fan will kick in again. If anyone is interested, I could try to get hold of the relay part number and where it was installed.
Peter Garton
23/08/2012 @  09:01
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Wiring modification for RV8 cooling fan
That sounds a very interesting modification for an RV8 and yes please do find out the part No and where it is installed as I would like to know? Regards,
John Bolt
23/08/2012 @  21:04
Wiring modification for RV8 cooling fan
Rang Bosch and will go along there tomorrow, John. They will dig out the part number of the relay and how they installed it. I want to clear whether the mod. affects the alarm function i.e. when one sets the alarm whether it really will function or not or even set off the alarm itself if the fan operates!!
Peter Garton
23/08/2012 @  22:44
Wiring modification for RV8 cooling fan
Just arrived home after a visit to Bosch and have come up with some information which I'll put in a RV8 workshop note with wiring diagrams etc.
Relais number 2 was replaced with a Bosch relais part number 0332 209 151 which is a standard part available from several sources although I would recommend the original part and not anything from China also advertised on the Internet if you quote that number. It fits.
Now take a look at the wiring diagram entitled "Cooling fan." They joined up N = Battery supply FL2 60A to W = Ignition supply thus ensuring permanent power to the fan so that it does not necessarily switch off when one turns off the ignition.
In my case the fan runs from 8-18 seconds after switching off the ignition depending on the ambient conditions and the length of run but not always!! It has switched itself on again twice on one occasion but only for another 8 seconds or so. This brings me to the alarm question which has never bothered me personally. It might happen that the minor fluctuation of the current, when the fan is activated, could set off the alarm. This has not happened to me so I would advise not provoking this and to wait for a few seconds before activating the alarm itself to make sure that the fan won't suddenly start going again. I've taken some photos of the wiring diagram and mailed it to Victor for the workshop note.
Peter Garton
24/08/2012 @  20:09
Wiring modification for RV8 cooling fan
I ommitted to explain why the relay was changed. According to Bosch, one requires a 30 amp relais. I could not find what the old one had. Admittedly I'm not an electrician and could not verify why this had to be, but that is what they passed on.
Peter Garton
24/08/2012 @  22:27
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