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Fuel Pump / Pressure Regulator Damper
I recently replaced the fuel pump on my RV8 which was really quite noisy, with a new correct type Bosch unit along with both filters. A straight forward enough job but very quickly after doing this I became aware of a new under bonnet sound - a rapid sort of tapping noise particularly noticeable at idle or low speeds. It almost had the sound of a leaking manifold gasket which had me checking the bolts on the manifolds which were all tight. At first I hadn't connected the noise to the fuel pump change and after some more investigation found the noise came from the fuel pressure regulator or damper and increased or decreased with engine speed. I can only imagine the new pump had restored fuel pressure and had "upset" the regulator in some way. Anyway after about 1000 km's (600 miles)the noise has now completely gone and all is back to normal. I thought I would mention it to see if anyone else may have experienced this with a pump change or it may help someone with the same issue in the future.
Dominic Scott
26/08/2012 @  10:40
Under topic: RV8
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Fuel Pump / Pressure Regulator Damper
A very interesting thread, Dominic. Have you considered putting your experience into a RV8 workshop note? I think it is quite unusual that the pump has to be replaced and so background reasons for the change would be very helpful, plus the pump part number from Bosch etc. etc. I wonder whether the pump could have been repaired by a Bosch workshop, for example, getting to the bottom of the noise? I suppose you investigated that option.
Peter Garton
26/08/2012 @  20:21
Fuel Pump / Pressure Regulator Damper
Hi Peter,
Happy to submit a workshop note on this if felt to be beneficial given that from a technical perspective I can’t confirm what caused the noise – however there was a definite relationship with changing the fuel pump and the sudden noise from the fuel pressure regulator/damper. My fuel pump was noticeably noisy whirring quite loudly and the new Bosch pump was extremely quiet in operation compared to the original. My local Bosch agent here recommended replacing (the unit looks to be built in such a manner that disassembly or repair is probably not an economic or reliable repair option) as his advice was that usually when the pumps become noisy, imminent fuel pump failure may not be far away! So was happy to buy a new one and have peace of mind both with reliability and the very quiet operation of the new one. I don’t think fuel pump failure is very common but I guess age is starting to have an effect on components regardless of mileage – my car had done 30,000 kms approx when I changed the pump. Part number on the invoice is 690580464070 (Genuine Bosch) and $265.00 NZD.
Dominic Scott
27/08/2012 @  09:10
Fuel Pump / Pressure Regulator Damper
I tried to look up the part number on the Bosch UK website and had the response "You have searched for "690580464070". We could not find any products matching your query." I wonder if the part number quoted on your invoice is a Bosch part number?
Alan Rennie
27/08/2012 @  15:10
Fuel Pump / Pressure Regulator Damper
Delete the ‘69’ - Bosch part number 0580464070.

Or £70 from eBay.
Geoff King
28/08/2012 @  05:24
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