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Oil Pressure
I had occasion to fit a new clutch in my GTV8 recently, and the engine/gearbox removal involved taking out the distributor. On reassembly I had moderately tightened the Dizzie retaining bolt via a screw driver slot cut into its face, knowing that final timing would necessitate the use of the timing light, and the appropriate torque via 9/16 spanner.

'Fortunately' while sitting in the car, still in the garage after the initial restart with the engine heat smoking off the oil/grease/exhaust cement, I saw the oil pressure gauge suddenly drop from 35 to zero pressure. The engine was immediately switched off and the hunt started for the fault. No leaks were obvious and after removing the oil pressure release valve to check all was well and refitting same, I progressed to the distributor to check the camshaft and distributor drive gears. I would add that I initially restarted the engine and ran it for 2 - 3 seconds after the initial panic, I was not mistaken there was no oil pressure.

The distributor retaining bolt a 1" x 9/16 UNC had obviously stripped the thread in the timing cover over a period of up to 30 yrears and allowed the Dizzie to lift itself approx 3/8" via the torque imposed by the camshaft gears rotation,thus disengaging the oil pump drive. The Dizzie was prevented from rotating, and thus produce a misfire/engine stoppage, by the distributor cap retaining clip making contact with the cylinder head - the ignition timing would have been adavanced by approx 10 degrees, but the engine did not stop (in fact it restarted as described above). I could have been motoring along pondering why the engine had suddenly started 'pinking' while it literally consumed its bearings. I have replaced the bolt with a 1 1/2"
item (reached new threads in the casing). A long stud will be inserted with 'stud lock' and in near future and a nut will be deployed to retain the Dizzie.

The moral is to the story is - when next you have the dizzie out 'think of my good luck' and check the threads in your timing cover.
Bill McCullough
26/08/2012 @  17:53
Under topic: V8
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