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Front suspension
Whilst at Kimber house today, some learned gentlemen members remarked on the almost lack of clearance between the tyre and the front of the wheel arch on the nearside front . . . not even a finger's width but no sign of rubbing. As I leave for the Dolomites next week, a quick fix is required. What causes and solutions are likely?
Chris Yates
28/08/2012 @  17:06
Under topic: RV8
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Front suspension
A broken or soft spring perhaps - what is the difference in height one side to the other, front and rear? Didnít the learned gentlemen members have any ideas while they had the opportunity to inspect the car?

Sounds like you might be going on the MG in the Alps event Chris Ė Iíll see you there if you are. I assume itís still Ďoní, I contacted the hotel so I know I have a reservation but I havenít heard anything from MarKus apart from him asking for payment earlier in the year.
Geoff King
29/08/2012 @  05:26
Front suspension
I've always "admired" the close tolerance of the stock tires and the fenders on the RV8. On my car, the right front wheel contacted the lower front fender lip under hard cornering. I investigated and found a bit of metal had been bent outwards. Quick work with pliers solved that issue.

On your car, Geoff, I'd take measurements all around both front wheels and see how they compare. There's no reason one side should be that much different from the other unless there's been damage to the suspension, something's broken or badly worn.
Simon Austin
29/08/2012 @  06:49
Front suspension
Wheel back to normal. As car was reversed on full lock, sub frame had small temporary distortion. Not uncommon occurance with MGB chassis, I am told.
Chris Yates
31/08/2012 @  07:12
Front suspension
I have studied many front nearside (left hand when sitting in the drivers seat - for those who drive on the wrong side of the road) wheel arch clearances on RV8s and they do vary quite a bit. Some have virtually no clearance at all and some you can put your whole hand into the gap. Mine is very close and I too bent a small metal tag back to stop the tyre rubbing when cornering hard on bumpy left hand bends.

I have been told that as the RV8 was hand built, the front wheel to wheel arch dimension will vary. Meanwhile, I bet you will now check the LH front wheel arch clearances on all RV8s you see, as I do, and did so on last weekends V8 Tour. I estimated that there were variations from almost zero to 15 mm difference in clearance on those RV8s.
Mike Lane
06/09/2012 @  03:38
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