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Fuel economy enhancement
As a new owner of an RV8 I wanted to know what enhacements people have made to get the most out of the mpg. I've heard various mods i.e. new ECU chip, new spark plugs and/or new ignition leads in addition to the adjustment to the distributor vacuum advanced pipes on the Japanese spec. Appreciate any views. Thanks,
Stephen Aitken
28/08/2012 @  19:00
Under topic: RV8
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Fuel economy enhancement
RPI supplied all the neccesary..Optomax chip, magnancor leads, and a power amp. Talk to Chris at RPI about other enhancements.
Chris Yates
29/08/2012 @  04:38
Fuel economy enhancement
We have a rechipping webpage as part of the information gateway you can reach from the rollover button on the RHS of the homepage. There you will find many articles and RV8NOTES on rechipping. In particular see:

See also the Top Tips for New RV8 Enthusiasts via the link at the foot of the homepage - see the rechipping item on page 2.

Converting the Japanese advance & retard setup to UK spec
Most reputable RV8 reimporters of Japanese specification cars will have done this modification but occasionally we hear reports of one that was missed.
See RV8NOTE258 at:

Timing adjustment on reimported RV8s
Japanese spec cars have a different timing to compensate for the modified vacuum advance and, although an RV8 may have been correctly changed to the UK layout, the timing might not have been correspondingly adjusted.

The search tips are also worth checking at:
V8 Webmaster
29/08/2012 @  05:03
Fuel economy enhancement
While the Optomax chip is worthwhile I personally wouldn’t bother with Magnancor leads or a power amp but RPi will sell you lots of enhancements that you never thought you needed.

The relatively low compression Rover V8 simply doesn’t need a high energy ignition system, however, the plugs and leads do need to be in good condition and decent quality – NGK plugs work well.
Geoff King
29/08/2012 @  06:02
Fuel economy enhancement
After rebuilding the ignition system on former Jap-spec #590, I averaged low 30's mpg on a road trip from Vancouver, BC to Reno, NV last year.

This year, I've just upgraded the ECU chip to the Tornado chip available from Mark Adams. Still have to retune the engine so can't comment yet on changes.

I'll also be upgrading the stock injectors to Bosch injectors also suggested by Mark. I can get those from the US.


If you're thinking of chip upgrades, talk to Mark. He makes the Optimax chip only sold through RPI but sells the Tornado chip himself. He has good info on why do the upgrade and the difference between the chips.
Simon Austin
29/08/2012 @  06:41
Fuel economy enhancement
I made contact with Mark Adams again recently and he offered his three useful documents which were promptly uploaded to the V8 website as useful information on his chips for fellow V8 members. You can see links to those three documents at the head of the rechipping information gateway at:
V8 Webmaster
30/08/2012 @  00:48
Fuel economy enhancement
Good news, Victor. Those documents helped convince me to change the chip.

As well, Mark took the time to call me on a Sunday afternoon to chat about the new chip and answer any questions I had.

Now THAT'S customer service. Once I get the car tuned, I'll provide an update on performance.
Simon Austin
30/08/2012 @  03:54
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