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V8 Mid - Wales Tour 2012
Yet again a triumph for Bob and Carolyn Owen for organising an excellent V8 weekend in mid Wales. Many thanks for all your hard work and time involved in making the event so enjoyable for us.
Hugh and Gillian Boddington
04/09/2012 @  09:54
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V8 Mid - Wales Tour 2012
A brief note to express thanks to Bob and Carolyn Owen for organising and running another successful tour. Saturday night's 'live ' entertainment was a real coup!
Richard Withington
04/09/2012 @  19:19
V8 Mid - Wales Tour 2012
We would like to add our thanks to Bob and Carotyn and also expand a little on what happened over the weekend. 29 cars entered and no less than 7 past V8 weekend organisers were present, Bob and Carolyn completing back to back, having done Hampshire last year.

We had a great hotel, swimming pool, jacuzzi and sauna, excellent food, a superb male choir on Saturday evening to entertain us. Sunday evening after dinner was a test of ingenuity to find the team of four who could design and make a mechanism to burst a balloon taking the longest time, good fun, like Prof. Heinz Wolff's great egg race only slower and noisier. There seemed to be lots of dominos, pins, a cork, some elastic bands, bits of wood and of course plenty of balloons.

The routes were exciting, see the Elan Valley reservoirs in spate, walk the gorge around Devil's Bridge, good options as well, visit the seaside twice, ride on two different steam trains, see Red Kites feeding, visit Harlech, drive the old Austin Motors test route. The ladies had plenty of opportunity for retail therapy too, all rounded off by a cream tea, but the piece de resistance was saved for Monday.

We visited the Judges lodgings in Presteigne which is an absolute timewarp. Still lit by candles, oil lamps and naked gas flames, gas mantles were a much later invention. Using an excellent personal stereo system one was guided from room to room with a series of stories about events that had taken place in the period. After an excellent sandwich lunch we all returned to the court room where Jim Gibson was persuaded to don the red Judges robes and sit on his chair where we could all see him.

Bob then explained why, as we all know Jim has been a stalwart of the V8 register for more years than he cares to remember, serving as chairman twice and as treasurer for an age. Following his decision to stand down at the last AGM the Register Committee felt a more public recognition of Jim' s contribution should be made so it was good to see Jim receive some fine wine and then realise he was genuinely stuck for words, a nice moment. Sue, the good woman behind Jim was presented with a bouquet, she was equally surprised.

We all had a memorable weekend and ideas for next year are already in the pipeline.
Tony Lake
05/09/2012 @  01:01
V8 Mid - Wales Tour 2012
Having read all the other tributes we can only go along with all the comments, having been to 10 V8 tours, this one has to be at the top for shear enjoyment, helped along by some great company. We do hope that the Tours will continue on an annual basis, please put yourself forward and have a go. If you do not wish to commit to organising a full weekend event why not organise a Picnic at a NT property, there is one very near you. Well done Bob and Carolyn, and thank you very much.
Mike and Maria Taylor
05/09/2012 @  02:27
V8 Mid - Wales Tour 2012
Just brilliantly organised with excellent daily drives, weather and of course nice people. Well done again, Bob and Carolyn.
Mike Lane
06/09/2012 @  03:44
V8 Mid - Wales Tour 2012
Thank you all for your kind words in posts and via emails. We were lucky to have good weather, which makes the mid-Wales countryside unbeatable, and V8 Register members as participants, second to none as friendly open people. Our surprise after dinner entertainment on Saturday, the Builth Wells Male Voice Choir, was a big hit. We had a nice email from their events manager which I copy below:

Dear Bob,
I just wanted to thank you for your warm welcome to the choir last night and the generous collection which we have put in a kitty for our tour in Cornwall next year when we will drink your health! I hope your members enjoyed our singing - we certainly did as it was our first outing after our summer break.
Best wishes,
Bill Bain
Builth MVC
Events Manager

Several people have penned short tour reports for the website. They can be found by clicking on the "Recent Changes" button.
Bob Owen
07/09/2012 @  08:57
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