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Mass airflow sensor on the RV8 defect/failure
I have deliberately started a new thread regarding the above, because this is an area which we normally never have any feed back on or knowledge of any defects.
Can anyone inform what sort of thing actually leads to a defect/failure on the unit itself? This is because the fuel potentiometer is also near to the unit and poses the question whether this part can possibly develop a defect leading also to the sort of problems which we have experienced with Oliver in Bavaria.
Peter Garton
09/09/2012 @  08:32
Under topic: RV8
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Mass airflow sensor on the RV8 defect/failure
I kept an eye on this while participating in the 3rd MG in the Alps event organised by MarCus BrŁndler, MG Switzerland, wondering if anyone would answer. Why donít you ask the experts at Bosch and post their reply?

Iíll just say that dirty air can cause AFM faults, so donít run without an air filter. The idle mixture adjustment on the AFM is for open loop applications and if it hasnít been tampered with doesnít have any effect on the mixture on a closed loop system where the ECU fine tunes the mixture according to feedback from the Lambda sensors.

Usually with an AFM fault either the engine wonít run at all or it will run with a rich mixture so the problem Oliver had was unusual, i.e. if I understood correctly, a weak mixture under light load in the lower gears but apparently satisfactory under heavy load in the higher gears.
Geoff King
18/09/2012 @  14:17
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