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RV8 wheel manufacturer
Does anyone know what company designed and/or built the RV8's wheels? There's a discussion on another forum:,2174099,2175154,page=1#msg-2175154

regarding the wheels in the original post and my reply saying they look very similar to RV8 wheels. The wheels in the posting are apparently BBS rims. For some reason, I always suspected the RV8 wheels were BBS as well.

Any ideas or thoughts on where I might find the answer? I've done a search here but no info pops up. I've also looked through some books I have but again, no info. I could remove one of my wheels to look for a mark but thought I'd start here. Cheers!
Simon Austin
20/09/2012 @  21:23
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RV8 wheel manufacturer
I had heard (can't remember where) that the wheels were made in a factory in South Wales. Maybe someone else knows of more.
Gavin Bailey
21/09/2012 @  19:11
RV8 wheel manufacturer
I shall be seeing John Yea with a party of fellow V8 enthusiasts for a tour of the BMH Body Plant at Witney near Oxford next Thursday so I will ask him if he can remember where the RV8 wheels were sourced. John Yea and David Bishop ran the RV8 Development Programme in the early 1990s and their recollections of that project are in the video recording of a talk given to a group of V8 enthusiasts back in 2003. A copy of that recording is included on the RV8NOTES CD.
Victor Smith
21/09/2012 @  20:28
RV8 wheel manufacturer
They were a knock-off copy of the three-part Compomotive style (seen on one of the early styling prototypes) with the design done by designer Don Wyatt - who went on to work on the Range Rover. The plastic false rivets were made by Zender, who also made the bumpers. These spoked wheels had appeared on a number of prototypes - such as the Rover Sterling 800 Coupe prototype - and similar ones featured on the MG PR5/DR2 prototype. Sitting here in a Welsh guest house looking out to sea (we're taking our younger daughter to uni) I don't have all my papers to hand and so brain fade means I can't remember for certain the name of the eventual supplier - I'll have a look again when I'm home. Either way, it'll be covered in the new book...
David Knowles
21/09/2012 @  20:57
RV8 wheel manufacturer
Will your new book cover the RV8 Development Story in detail as a thorough and well written account of that project will be very welcome for fellow V8 enthusiasts. When is it due to be published as it would be good to have that event during 2013, the year when we will celebrate the V8 Register's 35th Anniversary and the 40th Anniversary of the launch of the MGBGTV8 model in August 1973? I recall you attended the second V8 Talk given by David Bishop and John Yea in Buckingham in 2003 so you will have the detailed information they provided on how the RV8 was developed as an extraordinary low budget development and manufacturing project. The video recording made by Gavin Bailey is a fascinating record of the detailed recollections of two people who were there playing a pivotal part in the ADDER development project and making the RV8 manufacturing project happen.
Victor Smith
21/09/2012 @  21:44
RV8 wheel manufacturer

I believe that the wheels were manufactured by a Shropshire based company named Speedline.

Further to Victor's comment that a detailed account of the RV8 development story would be welcomed by V8 enthusiast's, I am pleased to be able to confirm that George Wilder and myself are currently researching this very subject with a view to publishing a companion volume to "RV8 The Manufacturing Story" which was published by the MGCC last year.
Unfortunately, as our development story research is at a relatively early stage, I am currently unable to give a likely publication date. I can, however, confirm that a 2nd reprint of The Manufacturing Story has been commissioned by The Club, and I understand that as a few copies remain unsold, it is still possible to reserve a copy by contacting Kimber House.
Christopher Allan
21/09/2012 @  22:43
RV8 wheel manufacturer
Thanks for the info, gents.

Looking forward to the new books when they're published.
22/09/2012 @  04:52
RV8 wheel manufacturer
Yes, that was it Chris - Speedline. However when I got in touch with them in November last year and they checked with their HQ in Italy, the latter could not recall doing the job! Still that was the name that the Rover guys remembered and it was twenty years ago...

The book - 'MG V8' - is intended to cover the development story of the RV8 in detail but then it will also cover the MGB GT V8, ZT260 and SV as well, so although the typesetting of 150,000 words is giving the publisher kittens, inevitably it probably cannot hope to be as comprehensive as a book just on the RV8 can be. There will be something like 350 photos in it all told, and I'd hope that it can be at least released for sale by the end of this year. The publisher is 'Crowood' although I doubt they're taking orders just yet. But you are welcome to give them a nudge!
David Knowles
23/09/2012 @  20:01
RV8 wheel manufacturer
David the Plastic 'Rivets' are actually ally on my RV8. Just thought you ought to know. all the best
Ray Ellis
23/09/2012 @  22:20
RV8 wheel manufacturer
Thanks for that Ray. Looking back at my notes from my discussion with Speedline they suggested that it would be useful to have a photo of the back of an original RV8 wheel - in particular of any maker's marks (a kind of hallmark!) as this could help them check the back story with their HQ. If anyone would kindly oblige with such photo(s), perhaps posted via the V8 Register website, then I can make the necessary enquiries and close the loop on the story.
David Knowles
24/09/2012 @  14:50
RV8 wheel manufacturer
I'll pull a wheel off tomorrow and see what's behind it. Photo to follow if anything found.
Simon Austin
25/09/2012 @  03:56
RV8 wheel manufacturer
Thanks Simon. You can also e-mail me at david[at]david-n-shirley[dot]
David Knowles
25/09/2012 @  09:55
RV8 wheel manufacturer
Having carried out some more research, I can confirm that the RV8 wheels were "supplied" by Alloy Wheels International (AWI) of Cardiff and not Speedline, as I had previously suggested. Speedline had been mentioned to myself (and also appaarently to David Knowles) as being the probable supplier, but I can only assume that they were a contender for, but in the event did not win, the business. There are several markings on the back of an RV8 wheel, one of which is "AWI".

The detailed position is as follows:
AWI supplied the wheels and Michelin the tyres to a company called Xpress. So far, I have not been able to specifically identify this company and this name may be a "Rover shorthand" for "Express" or "Express Tyres" or similar. This company fitted the tyres which were then supplied to Rover as a single wheel/tyre assembly with the Part # ZKC6752.
AWI also supplied the centre caps ZKC6751 and the centre cap fixing bolts ZKC6754. The wheel nuts and locking wheel set were supplied by Autoturn Products.
The above all relates to the later type wheel, but It would seem unlikely that the supplier would have been changed mid production. If, however, an owner of an earlier car would be good enough to check the markings on their wheels...
Christopher Allan
25/09/2012 @  13:52
RV8 wheel manufacturer
Thanks Chris. That helps explain something! While I was sitting ruminating in North Wales, my leaky brain kept saying 'Styling International' as someone had, I thought, mentioned that or a similar name in connection with the wheels. But then 'Styling International' was the name of the (now defunct) company which undertook much of the engineering and design development work and as far as I am aware, they were certainly not set up as a volume supplier of car wheels! So 'Alloy Wheels International' now makes sense - at least the 'international' bit matches! Looking again at my notes I think it was you who kindly put me on to Speedline in the first place rather than it being a name from a Rover person - certainly looking again I can't find any such reference in my notes and e-mails, which must say something even if just about the age of my grey cells! Thanks again.
David Knowles
25/09/2012 @  15:47
RV8 wheel manufacturer
Could members with the later and early RV8 wheels who are able to volunteer to photograph the back of their original RV8 wheels - in particular photos of any maker's marks - send their digital photos as attachments to me at the V8 Register as they can be included in the RV8 Archives section I am developing with a fellow member with an interest in RV8 history. We are preparing an article on the RV8 Development Story which will include the exclusive and authoritative information provided by David Bishop and John Yea at a talk arranged by the V8 Register attended by fellow V8 enthusiast in 2003. That article will be published by the V8 Register and may well be expanded as a book with the surplus from the sales going to the V8 Register's funds to help cover the substantial annual costs of running the V8 website and V8BB. My email address is v8registrar(at) - full credit will be given to the provider of each the photograph as a supporter of the V8 Register's activities in providing good quality information and support for fellow V8 enthusiasts.
V8 Webmaster
25/09/2012 @  18:47
RV8 wheel manufacturer
I have uncovered some earlier notes on RV8 parts and further research shows the distinctive alloy road wheels fitted to early RV8s were part number ZKC 5700 but, at a change point relatively early in the production run, the part was changed to ZKC 6749 with other related part number changes too. If any RV8 member with an RV8 in the second half of the production run could let me have a set of photos of the markings on their spare wheel that would provide a very useful comparative set for publication on the RV8 Archives section of the V8 Website due to be launched as we make further progress in assembling that section of the V8 Register information resources.
V8 Webmaster
26/09/2012 @  18:30
RV8 wheel manufacturer

I have removed a wheel and taken photos. I'll forward them to Victor and David later this day. I have the ZKC6749 wheels installed. There is also the "AWI" hallmark as well as a prominent "ROVER" embossed on the wheel. One interesting find; on the backside of the hub cap, there is another hallmark that appears to be a stylised "JW" or something similar. As mentioned earlier, the "ZENDER" name is stamped twice on each fake nut around the wheel rim. All these show up in my photos.
Simon Austin
27/09/2012 @  17:10
RV8 wheel manufacturer
Victor & David,

Photos are enroute to your email addresses. I stand corrected on the stylized "JW" mark. It appears on the front of the wheel between the lug holes, not under the cap. Let me know if nothing transmits.
Simon Austin
28/09/2012 @  02:39
RV8 wheel manufacturer
Victor, Simon and Hugh,

I have had a great result through forwarding the various photos which you kindly sent me to a 'wheel man' (wheely no pun intended there) - I have since passed all the details to Victor, including a 'decoding' of the majority of the codes. Rather than reproducing it all here on the bulletin board, I'm sure that it will soon appear as a new note. Thank you for your help.
David Knowles
28/09/2012 @  22:01
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