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Dev 2 Rv8 Development Car
Looking at the photos of Dev2 the second of the Rv8 Development Cars (currently advertised for sale on here) there is an older picture which appears to show it on cold weather testing? This photo also appears to show American spec "extra indicators" on the front side wings - but not the back and in the more modern photos these are missing. Perhaps these were additional sensors? Just curious if anyone has any ideas?
Richard Wood
22/09/2012 @  20:13
Under topic: V8
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Dev 2 Rv8 Development Car
Hi Richard,

I have quite a few more photos and details on this car - the one of it on test was supplied by me. More will be in the book - now with the publisher for design and possibe publication at the end of the year.
David Knowles
23/09/2012 @  18:23
Dev 2 Rv8 Development Car
Good to see you at MGB50 Blenheim today and learn more of your book you are close to completing for publication and that the RV8 Development Story will be covered there based on the detailed research you have made over the years since the project was first undertaken. Thanks too for the support you will include in the book for the V8 Register and for your continued support for the V8 Register. I hope we will be able to help market a stock of your book as we did with your earlier "MG V8 - Twenty One Years On" book, published in 1994, which carried the MG Car Club and V8 Register names and logos on the cover. If it's available before Christmas I feel sure many fellow MGV8 enthusiasts will welcome a copy in their stocking.
Victor Smith
23/09/2012 @  22:48
Dev 2 Rv8 Development Car
Thank you Victor - as you know, I was not expecting to come, but my family took pity on me and with their blessing I came back on the train on Saturday night. It was a shame I couldn't have brought better weather on Sunday morning! In the new book, I have given a considerable focus on the V8 Register and the important role it fulfils. For example, I have stressed that whilst bodies like BMIHT (at Gaydon) provide a magnificent service in maintaining the records of the factory background to many of our cars, they cannot offer the 'live' record keeping that the Registers can offer - telling the more intimate stories about the individual cars - both at the factory level and afterwards - the stories of their first and subsequent owners, and the other salient and interesting facts that the owners are prepared to share for posterity. And that is quite apart from the excellent workshop notes, V8 lifeline and this bulletin board.
David Knowles
24/09/2012 @  15:27
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