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Problem feedback!
I was wondering how Oliver Libuda and Malcolm Roots are getting along after we all tried to help and assist using past knowledge and experience with our RV8's.
It would be nice to have some feed back so that we can all benefit from the final solutions in getting the cars 100% mobile again possibly putting something into a workshop note.
Peter Garton
29/09/2012 @  08:04
Under topic: RV8
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Problem feedback!
Dear Peter,
in my last post of my "problem threat" I stated, that my problem was solved by exchanging an incorrect working Mass Air Flow Sensor. After the exchange my RV8 is running fine again.
I prefomulated a workshop note too, but unfortunately it is on my office PC. I will send it to you beginning of next week.
Oliver Libuda
29/09/2012 @  12:26
Problem feedback!
I’d be interested to hear what the experts consider to be the cause of the AFM fault that Oliver suffered; have you had the opportunity to contact Bosch?
Geoff King
29/09/2012 @  14:08
Problem feedback!
Oliver and Malcolm both replied on their threads with the latest situation but while on the subject of feedback:

In addition to the above, what causes AFM failures? ‘Mass airflow sensor on the RV8 defect/failure’ thread?

Has the GTV8 wiring for the cooling fans been resolved? ‘Cooling fan’ and ‘Cooling fans relay’ threads?

Has a boot rack been found for the RV8? ‘Boot rack’ thread.

Does the RV8 heater now work? ‘Heater blowing cold when at hot’ thread?

Does the RV8 run properly now? ‘Revving Issues’ thread?

Has the cause of the GTV8 idling problem been found? ‘Idling problem MGB GT V8’ thread.

That’s a few of the threads over the last few weeks where it would be nice to know if the efforts to answer the OP question were successful.
Geoff King
29/09/2012 @  14:52
Problem feedback!
Thanks for the checklist of threads where information on the resolution of the problems will interest fellow members. The way we try and operate is to sweep the contents of interesting V8BB threads into a workshop note with the addition of useful illustrations to help fellow members follow the note. You may have seen that has been the case very often and as an addition to the series it then becomes a long term reference resource for fellow V8 or RV8 members with the added benefit of the detailed index I maintain for each series which enables key topics to be searched and any notes traced. Some of the earliest V8NOTES from 1978 and 79 are still very useful today. My invitations to the lead contributors of various interesting threads to write up the thread as workshop note (by sending them a template in Word format) have been reasonably successful and I am very grateful for the enthusiasm with which some members have responded in preparing notes and providing good quality photos too. We also spend quite some time checking our notes with various members with particular knowledge on topics - for example Ron Gammons responded with help on clarifying the ARB drop links query that popped up in a thread about faulty links a while back. Another example taken at random was John Anthistle who within a month or so of joining the V8 Register contributed an RV8NOTE on a cooling fan override switch for an RV8.

With "the GTV8 wiring for the cooling fans been resolved? ‘Cooling fan’ and ‘Cooling fans relay’ threads" I had heard from the member who launched the thread that the information and links to existing V8NOTES we provided had helped him. So in that case the initial difficulty behind the query posted on the V8BB had been resolved. I then started preparing a note sweeping the thread contents into a V8NOTE and also expanding it with a wiring layout for the four terminal cooling fans relay but that has still to be completed when I have a few hours available. Do you know whether the MGBGTV8 was originally produced with a three terminal relay as the wiring diagram in my Driver's Handbook shows a wiring for a three terminal relay, but I know my V8 has had a four terminal relay for as long as I can remember?
Victor Smith
29/09/2012 @  16:08
Problem feedback!
One of the threads you highlight in your checklist is: "Has a boot rack been found for the RV8? ‘Boot rack’ thread." On doing a search via the V8 website homepage a link to RV8NOTE346 reminded me that the result of that thread was a reasonably comprehensive note of fellow members' boot racks which provided a good review of available options which I felt would have answered the initial query.

Chris Yates provided a set of photos on his boot rack which were popped into a PDF which is found as a link using the search mentioned above:

Peter Garton will, I know, try and find out more about Oliver's problem and I hope that later we will have that a well described and illustrated RV8NOTE which would provide a very useful reference for fellow RV8 enthusiasts in the future who might meet a similar problem.

One thing worth mentioning is that not all V8 members feel as confident as more frequent users of online bulletin boards or forums particularly where there are postings containing "techie speak" which can discourage people either posting a message or coming back later with a posting reporting a problem has been solved. Our two workshop notes endeavour to describe and illustrate the cases they cover so most members will be able to follow the article. So one important aim of the V8BB is to attract good quality postings which are complete, accurate and provide a reliable guide to solving technical issues which may be raised in postings. The style of the V8BB is deliberately not that of a swish modern forum but one of a simple noticeboard which is easy to access and follow. The other key feature of the V8BB is we require the full name of people posting and an email address too and we do not allow people posting on the V8BB to use "tags" like "techie man" or "oily rag" which is often the case on other forums. We also will not accept aggressive postings or short curt comments or postings laced with "may be", "possibly" or "I should think" as that type of uncertainty is usually not helpful. The V8BB is also not a chatroom. With some technical queries clearly diagnosing the problem on the V8BB without sight of the car or an accurate and informed description of the symtoms can be very difficult as some of your postings have quite reasonably highlighted.
Victor Smith
29/09/2012 @  16:47
Problem feedback!
My apologies to Oliver, I'm getting too impatient again and so look forward to the note!
As to the Mass airflow sensor, Geoff, I'll readily admit that this is an area I know little about and suppose that it is because normally we never hear of any problems concerning it. As Oliver saw, the performance of the engine is affected from starting problems to actual running power i.e. stalling and shuddering etc. etc. Within the sensor unit there are two sensing wires that can become dirty, apparently, from small particles and thus affect the functioning of the sensor itself confusing the electrics. The two wires heat up when the engine is running and measure the actual air flow and detecting how quickly the inflowing air cools the wires. I believe they are accessible and one can take off this small unit and carefully clean up the sensitive wires from debris. It should then function properly again. I cannot say whether the unit is sealed or not, quite frankly.
Peter Garton
30/09/2012 @  06:23
Problem feedback!
Peter, as Geoff said I did post an update on the 11th September. Being a relatively new RV8 owner your advice is really appreciated and hopefully reflected in my replies. Since the update I have have fitted a new Intermotor 50141 fan switch. This comes on at 95C and off at 92C. This will help but I suspect it is the fuel pump relay as suggested in the previous thread but may have to wait and see if we get hot day next summer before I find out!
Malcolm Roots
30/09/2012 @  08:54
Problem feedback!
Just to inform everyone that Oliver is working on a RV8 workshop note which should be finalised next week regarding the mass airflow sensor which caused him so much trouble. Interesting, I would imagine, because this is an area which gave us no trouble in the past, so his information will be new to most of us.
Peter Garton
06/10/2012 @  09:18
Problem feedback!
A fault code reader would have detected a problem with the airflow meter and it is not unreasonable to expect a garage maintaining and repairing RV8’s or Range Rovers or any car fitted with the Rover V8 engine to have at least the ECUmate Lite.

Incidentally, all hot wire V8’s exported to the USA had an on-board fault reader.
Geoff King
07/10/2012 @  18:17
Problem feedback!
Dear Geoff,
my garage owner told me that they connected a testbook to the ECU and there was no failure to be read out. (Unfortunately) I have to trust them.
Oliver Libuda
08/10/2012 @  19:56
Problem feedback!
Oliver Libuda and Peter Garton have produced a useful article as RV8NOTE374 on "Tracing an engine misfire on an RV8" which provides useful information on how the problem was traced to a defective mass airflow sensor and solved. Many thanks for that contribution which added to the RV8NOTES series will be a good future reference item for fellow RV8 enthusiasts. There is a link to the PDF document on the Recent Changes log at:

If any member with experience of the MAF module, the causes of the failure of the sensor and whether it can be serviced or repaired would like to contribute a note as a sequel that would be very welcome.
V8 Webmaster
11/10/2012 @  13:49
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