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Spotlight wiring
I note on the wiring diagram that spot/fog lights are shown. Can anyone tell me if the actual wiring was included in the original loom or do I have to start from scratch
Geoffrey Hall
29/09/2012 @  19:27
Under topic: V8
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Spotlight wiring
Of the wiring harnesses I've done, none of them included spot/fog lamp wiring.

You should be able to replicate the wiring from the schemetics.
Simon Austin
30/09/2012 @  03:01
Spotlight wiring
If the lamps were fitted as a factory option the wiring should originate from the dip switch but if you donít have the lamps or switches I doubt if youíll find the wiring. The MGB 1980 spec loom I used for my V8 didnít have provision for front spot/fog lights.

If you have to start from scratch the information and wiring colour codes here should help: and Also consider using relays to avoid adding to the already excessive load through the headlamp switch.

Surprisingly I couldnít find a workshop note for fog or spot light wiring Ė perhaps you could write one.
Geoff King
30/09/2012 @  08:28
Spotlight wiring
This is all good stuff. I couldn't find a Note either. The chances of these lights being used in anger is zero. The car hasn't been out in the rain for 18 years let alone at night! I just thought that after all these years they should be connected. Reading your advice I thought the simplest and least intrusive way would be to wire each lamp through a separate relay to a switch which would control both together powered directly from the fuse box via an online fuse.You may tell from the above that the chances of me writing a File Note on the subject is also zero.
Geoffrey Hall
30/09/2012 @  15:28
Spotlight wiring
Many years ago I was doing a great deal of night driving and the standard headlights were like candles compared to modern BMWs etc, also the strain on my eyes was noticeable. My solution was to buy a set of (faintly illegal) 100watt headlamp bulbs, but it seemed to me that these would quickly burn out the dip-switch contacts (which certainly would not have been designed to frequently switch 16.6amps) so I fitted a pair of relays on the main-beam circuit. An easy job - just follow the wiring diagram colours. Later I fitted the Tripod headlights which are even brighter with just 60w bulbs - shows how bulb technology progresses. As has been mentioned, there is no loom wiring for spotlights, but it is just as easy to fit the main-beam wiring for them as it was for me to fit relays.
Gordon Hesketh-Jones
02/10/2012 @  10:07
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