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My application is in, Iíll have to wait to see if I have been successful but now Iím going to bed.
Geoff King
01/10/2012 @  00:10
Under topic: Events
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Like you I received an acknowledgement for a place shortly after midnight and sent Willy Scott (the Caledonian Centre webmaster) a brief email saying I was impressed their website had managed to cope with the peak surge in traffic when booking opened. His reply at 0103 was he was "watching the list increase, now at 200 plus and slowing down, but there is always tomorrow!!!! Bedtime at 01.00 am
Thanks again for your encouragement." Robert MacGillivray mentioned to me at Blenheim the other weekend they had stress tested the website to check it could cope with the traffic. The EEOY 2013 team's planning and management of the tour is very professional so it should be a very enjoyable event. Look forward to seeing you there - assuming we are successful in the allocation process!
Victor Smith
01/10/2012 @  08:47
I was speaking to Bob MacGillivray yesterday at a sprint meeting (which was cancelled as it happened by torrential rain). He expects the event to be full within a week (350 cars), having had over 600 registrations of interest. We have a Caledonian committee meeting tomorrow so I'll hear more then. I haven't been involved personally in the organisation of the event because we set up a small special committee to do that, but having seen the care and attention that Bob and his team are taking, I reckon it will be superb.
Mike Howlett
01/10/2012 @  12:07
Just a little update to let you know that the event is now full & we have stopped taking entries. We took 200 applications within an hour between midnight & 1am on Monday & within 24 hours were almost full. Today we have closed the list with a total of 365 cars. Countries represented are: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands ,New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Southern Ireland, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland, USA & Wales.
Robert MacGillivray
05/10/2012 @  23:31
I donít know how the numbers have been allocated but Iím number 281 and I booked as soon as the form was available just after midnight. Anyone else here been successful?
Geoff King
08/10/2012 @  16:32
I'm 361 and my application was very early. No, I've no idea how the numbers work, but it is obviously not in line with entry time!
Mike Howlett
08/10/2012 @  16:55
I also successfully got onto their website at one minute past 12 with no problems at all. The EEOTY team is to be congratulated on this no small feat.
So, we have Geoff King No 281, Mike Howlett No 361 and me, No 261 - all ending in a 1 so far. Any other V8 entry confirmations ending with a 1?
Mike Lane
10/10/2012 @  13:49

Yes, the Caledonian number allocation is indeed mysterious and doesn't reflect the first come first served mechanism publicised.
I was on the link at midnight repeatedly pressing "Refresh" (F5)until the link became active so as to be in as promptly as possible. My form filling may not be the fastest but my acknowledgement came back timed at 00.08 and Bob McG said there were 200 applicants in the first hour - yet my allocation is No 282... (next after you Geoff!)
Ah well, I guess the important thing is to have succeeded in getting a number, any number!
Bob Owen
11/10/2012 @  08:53
This is not really an issue. Robert MacGillivray had explained beforehand there would be an allocation system together with the FCFS principle, so when he did the allocation of bookings he had to work through the categories (geographical and so forth) to arrive at the result. He did that exercise very promptly and sent out the emails all within an impressively short time. My number on the confirmation email is also in the mid 200s so let's be pleased an allocation came through when the event is clearly so popular - and that the Caledonian Centre's website withstood the high traffic levels during the hours after booking opened - Willy Scott the webmaster working hard beforehand with his fellow EEOY team members and stress tested the site to make sure it would cope. He has been thanked on behalf of V8 members for that hard work, unseen by so many.
Victor Smith
11/10/2012 @  13:17
Yes, I agree with your comments, Victor, and had not intended any sleight on the Caledonian guys. Their organising skills are second to none as I can attest from experience of many of their tours. No - it was more idle curiosity of the allocation mechanism. However, had I been the organiser, I too would have deliberately not been "transparent" as any such procedure has no right or wrong and could easily become the source of endless dispute. So, as I said, I'm just pleased to have a number.
Finally, I would like to deny in the strongest terms that the large ice creams Carolyn and I bought for Bob McG and Willy S at MGLive! were intended to in any way influence the EEOTY allocation and insist that any nods and winks I may have made at the time were the result of an unfortunate affliction.
Bob Owen
11/10/2012 @  14:41
Bob you are right the cones played no part, just the fiver tucked into my hand as you handed them over!
Robert MacGillivray
12/10/2012 @  19:02
The Caledonian Centre must be congratulated upon their organisation of this event, to date. We are the lucky recipients of a place on the EEOTY, and are car number 80! We have now booked the accommodation, although thereís a tale to tell there! Roll on August!
Ken & Carol Clayton
15/10/2012 @  19:09
We have entered and got accepted and looking forward to the event and meeting others. MGBGTV8 registrar,Sydney MGCC
Steve Foldhazy
23/10/2012 @  23:38
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